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38 spots to get a discounted drink in Seattle.

Every day, you show up to work and either accomplish a sufficient amount or look just productive enough not to get fired. And when you’ve crossed enough tasks off your to-do list and browsed the entire internet, it's time to leave the office and grab a drink that doesn’t cost $15. So here’s a guide to the best Happy Hours in Seattle. It’s organized by neighborhood, with all the details you’ll need on days, times, and drink deals.


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When: Daily, 4-6pm

The Deal: $5 Drafts, $4 Lager Cans, $8 Glasses Of Wine, $2 Off Cocktails

This excellent Korean restaurant that's virtually perfect for any situation also has a solid Happy Hour, complete with $6 butter-roasted potatoes (you want these potatoes) and $13 sticky-spicy wings.

When: Weekdays, 3-5pm

The Deal: $11 House Margarita, $11 Shrub And Soda, $4 Tecate Tallboys, $9 Glasses Of Wine, $2 Off House Cocktails

We love Gracia for their tasty tacos, verde chicken enchiladas, and earth-shatteringly crunchy-puffy chips. It's hard to imagine a better scenario than being posted up at the bar with a pink guava margarita and a scoop of guacamole.

When: Daily, 4-6pm

The Deal: $2 Off House Cocktails, $1 Off Well Spirits, $1 Off Drafts, $1 Off House Wine

If you're in the mood for fast food classics but also would like a 100% plant-based meal, that's where Cycle Dogs comes in. During Happy Hour, they have a bunch of drink specials, but you can also get your hands on a $6 vegan cheeseburger—just don't forget to add on a side of fries with ranch.

When: Daily, 4-6pm

The Deal: $4 Draft Rainier, $9 Glasses Of Wine, $10 Negronis, $12 Manhattans, $13 Martinis, $7 Highballs

During the summer, there's really no better place to be than the balcony deck at Ray's. Discounted drinks and seafood plates like $10 ahi poke or $7 cups of clam chowder is the cherry on top. If you're feeling wild, get a round of "snaquiris," which are daiquiris in shot form.

When: Monday All Day, Tuesday-Thursday, 4-6pm

The Deal: $8 Aperitifs, $10 Select Cocktails, $11 House Wine

Baker's long, narrow bar is an incredibly cozy place to be on a chilly evening, especially when you can drink an $8 aperitif alongside a $10 charcuterie board.

When: Daily, 4-7pm

The Deal: $8 Cosmopolitans, $8 Pitchers Of Rainier, $8 Slushies, $8 Boilermakers

If you're looking for a very fun place to hang out with friends or coworkers, allow us to introduce you to King's Hardware. A frosty pitcher of Rainier and a round of burgers is all you'll need for a great time.

When: Daily, 4-6pm

The Deal: $10.50 Manhattans and Old Fashioneds, $7 Wells, $8 House Wine, $7.50 Scottish Ale, $7 Lager/IPA/Pale Ale

Typically we'll end a night of Ballard bar-hopping with a final Old Fashioned and plate of craggy fish and chips at Macleod's, but it's not a bad way to start your night, too. Especially when said fish and chips only cost $11 during Happy hour.


When: Daily, 4-6pm And 10pm-12am

The Deal: $1 Off Drafts, Wine, House Spirits, And $10.25 Happy Hour cocktails

Oak is a good place to sit at the bar with a beer and a fried chicken sandwich.


When: Daily, 4-7pm

The Deal: $10 Tropical Punch, $10 Classic Daiquiri, $12 Passionfruit Slushie

One of our favorite tiki bars in town also happens to have a terrific Happy Hour. Make sure to get a $5 steamed bun with your tropical drink.

When: Monday-Saturday, 4-6pm, All Day Sunday

The Deal: 25% Off Cocktails, Wine, And Beer On Tap

When recommending this place in your group text, make sure that your friends don’t think you’re just suggesting to meet at some random bar. The excellent snacks range from burrata garlic bread to crab nachos, and the cocktails have fun names, like “It's F*cking Summer.”

When: All Day Sunday-Monday, Tuesday-Saturday 4-6:30pm and 9pm-11pm

The Deal: $24 Bottles Of Wine, $7 Glasses Of Wine, $6 Draft Beer, $10 Signature Cocktails, Half Off All Food Items

You can get the excellent truffle-cream gnocchi at List for $10 during Happy Hour. Between that and a $24 bottle of wine, you’re pretty much set for life.


When: Monday-Friday 4-5:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 3-5:30pm

The Deal: $10 Sangria, $10 Margaritas, $7 Glasses of Wine

Welcome to Barrio, your friendly neighborhood Mexican restaurant. You’re here to drink tequila and eat snacks like braised pork taquitos and nachos that are way better than they have any right to be.

When: Daily, 4-6pm and 8:30-Close

The Deal: $7 House Wines, $7 Draft Beer Pints, $9 Shot and Rainier

Smith is a great place to grab a first-date drink with anyone who isn’t bothered by a large amount of taxidermy and portraits of American historical figures.

When: Tuesday-Saturday, 3-5pm And 9-10pm, Sunday 9-10pm

The Deal: $5 Beers, $9 Margaritas, $6 Glasses Of Wine, $6 Well Drinks, $18 Sangria Half-Carafes

One of our favorite Mexican restaurants in the city works for nearly every situation, and also happens to have a great Happy Hour. Take advantage of the $7 al pastor tacos to go with your drinks.

When: Daily, 3-5pm

The Deal: $1 Off Well Cocktails, Beer, And Wine

If you’re looking for an after-work spot that’s dog-friendly, go to Liberty. It’s a cocktail bar that serves really good sushi, and during Happy Hour, they have a daily-changing mystery roll available for $7.

When: Daily 4-6pm, Friday-Saturday 10pm-Midnight

The Deal: Half-Off Draft Beer, $5 House Wine, $7 Old Fashioneds

Quinn’s also has a discounted food menu if you a soft pretzel or a bacon cheddar burger with whatever you’re drinking. It’s never crowded here during Happy Hour, either.

When: Daily, 5-6pm, 9:30pm-Close

The Deal: $5 Sapporo Pints, $8 Toki Whiskey Highballs, $8 Cocktails

The whiskey highballs at Tamari Bar are excellent, and they’re made using a cool machine that only 10 other Japanese restaurants in the country own. We’re also big fans of the food here, from spicy dan dan ramen to the wagyu beef you cook yourself on a sizzling rock.

When: Daily, 4-6pm

The Deal: $10.50 Original Moscow Mules, $10.50 Original Montana Mules

The ginger beer at Rachel’s has a spicy bite to it and comes in many flavors ranging from caramelized pineapple to passionfruit vanilla. It’s a great spot to go with people who don’t drink alcohol and want something more exciting than club soda.

When: Tuesday-Thursday 4-6pm, Friday-Saturday 11pm-Close

The Deal: $1 Off Beer, $2 Off Cocktails And Wine By The Glass

Treating yourself to an Aperol spritz and a $11 salami pizza at Via Tribunali’s bar is one of the best things to do after a grueling day of sending passive-aggressive emails.


When: Daily, 1-5pm

The Deal: $9 Wines, Discounted Cocktails

You can take advantage of the deals at Ba Bar, our favorite Vietnamese spot in town, every day. They have a separate drink and food menu for Happy Hour, which involves things like their fish sauce caramel wings and crispy imperial rolls.

When: Daily, 4-5pm

The Deal: $8 Sakes, $7 Draft Beers, $7 Glasses Of Wine, $8 Classic Cocktails (Martinis, Margaritas, Mules, And Negronis)

During Happy Hour at Reckless Noodle House, you can get $7 delicious cocktails and $4-6 appetizers - like the caramelized pork fresh rolls, crispy duck rolls, and spicy papaya salad.

When: All Day Wednesday-Thursday, Friday 2-6pm, Sunday 5pm-Close

The Deal: $8 Rainier And Whiskeys, $5 Well Drinks, 2 For $5 Rainiers, $6 Glasses Of Wine, $12 Specialty Cocktails

If you want your Happy Hour to include spiked grape kool-aid and a giant plate of fried chicken and waffles, head to Fat’s.


When: Daily, 12-5:30pm and 9pm-close

The Deal: Discounted Sushi Specials

At Japonessa, one of our favorite sushi spots downtown, the Happy Hour starts right when they open. Have lunch with sake and discounted super bad boy rolls (tempura-fried sushi).

When: Monday-Friday, 3-6pm

The Deal: $2 Off Frozen Cocktails, $2 Off Glasses Of Wine, $1 Off Draft Beer And Cider

When one of your colleagues suggests going out for Happy Hour, head to Mr. West for wine slushies and potato chips paired with smoked prosciutto. It’s also perfect if you need to get some work done but also want a glass of riesling.

When: Tuesday-Saturday, 4-6pm And 10-11:30pm

The Deal: $1 Off Draft Beers, $12 Can Of Beer And Well Shot, $8 Shot Four Roses and Britt’s Pickleback, $10 Select Wines, $12 Mules

For brown-liquor cocktails, Radiator Whiskey is one of the best places to go. Order some tater tots and gravy to go with your bourbon.


When: Daily 4-6pm

The Deal: $6 Pints, $6 Well Drinks, $8 Glasses Of Wine

If you had a really crummy day and want to go somewhere where you won’t run into anyone you know, especially Sabrina from accounting, go to Russell’s.

When: Daily, 5-7pm

The Deal: $2 Off Cocktails, Shots, Draft Beer, Glasses Of Wine

At Esters, an Italian counter-service wine bar, almost everything on the drink menu during Happy Hour is $2 off.


When: Daily, 4-5:30pm At The Bar

The Deal: $9 Glasses Of House Wine, $8 Old Fashioneds, $8 Tom Collins, $8 Negronis, $5 Select Beers

Pay attention, because FlintCreek, a steakhouse in Greenwood, has a very important Happy Hour. Sure, the drink specials are great, but they also serve a burger that’s only available at the bar during Happy Hour. It’s phenomenal, but there are only 12 of them - so get there early if you want one.

When: Monday-Friday, 4-6pm

The Deal: $1 Off Cocktails, Beer, And Wine

The Yard, a beer bar that serves Mexican food, is great for a last-minute group hang or a chill date. If it’s nice out, they do indeed have a yard that’s perfect for outdoor seating.


Tapas Lab is permanently closed


When: Tuesday-Saturday, 4-6pm

The Deal: $1 Off Drafts, $1 Off Glasses Of Wine, $2 Off Wine Flights, $1 Off Sangria

There aren’t a lot of Happy Hours in Seattle that have flights of wine. Tapas Lab, a Japanese/Spanish wine bar, has both and is perfect for come-and-go drinking and snacking. The $4 bulgogi parmesan pinchos are excellent.


When: Daily, 3-6pm

The Deal: $1 Off Beer/Cider Cans, $2 off Glasses Of Wine, $1 Off Featured Cocktails, $5 Vermouth On Tap

This is the best place to drink wine in the city, period. Take full advantage of the Happy Hour cheese plate selected by Bottlehouse’s resident cheesemonger, which is definitely a real profession. And even though this is a serious wine bar, don’t overlook the slushies.


When: Daily, 3-6pm

The Deal: $10 Glasses Of Wine, $7 Beers

If you’re wondering why there’s a vault door in Good Bar, it’s because this place used to be a bank. This place still takes your money, only instead of a mortgage, you get excellent drinks, hummus, and mezze platters.

When: Daily, 3-6pm

The Deal: $6 Rotating Beer, $10 Glasses Of Wine

For a special occasion, Dead Line is the best choice in Pioneer Square. They serve high-end cocktails, Southwestern small plates, and the option to drink in a separate champagne room if things are getting really serious.


When: Daily, 3-5pm

The Deal: $7 Glasses Of House Wine, $8 House Well Drinks, $5 House Beer

Grappa’s Happy Hour is all about their house wine. They have seven great varieties to choose from as opposed to rolling the dice with “red or white.”


When: Daily 4-6pm, Wednesday All Day

The Deal: $8 Double Well Drinks, $5 Drafts, $10 Mind Erasers

The Octopus Bar is an underwater-themed dive bar that serves some sandwiches and garnishes their cocktails with Swedish Fish.

When: Monday-Friday 4-5:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 3-5:30pm

The Deal: $10 Classic Margaritas, $10 Palomas, $10 Mules, $8 Wells, $18 Triple T (Tecate, Tequila, and Taco), $7 Glasses Of House Wine

Pablo Y Pablo has great vegan options like their plant-based chorizo hard tacos with cashew queso and vegetable nachos. Their delicious margaritas are technically vegan, too.


When: Tuesday-Sunday, Open-6pm

The Deal: $8 Wines, $1 Off Beer And Cider

Whether you like your alcohol made from grapes or wheat, there’s something for everyone at Locol—a wine bar that’s disguised as a dive. Their appetizers are great too, from Swedish meatballs to braised pork tacos.


When: Daily, 3-5pm and 10pm-11pm

The Deal: $1 Off Drafts And House Wines, $7 Shot And A Beer

Can Bar is White Center’s best-kept secret. If the weather’s not garbage, sit out on the patio, which is surrounded by various doors. Just don’t try to open one—they’re purely decorative.

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