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Bateau review image

SEA Review


Bateau on Capitol Hill is the place to get a unique steak in Seattle—and they happen to serve the best burger in town, too.

FlintCreek Cattle Co. review image

SEA Review

FlintCreek Cattle Co.

FlintCreek Cattle Co. is an upscale spot in Greenwood with excellent steaks and a Happy Hour burger worth traveling for.

84 Yesler review image

SEA Review

84 Yesler

84 Yesler is an upscale restaurant in Pioneer Square that serves delicious homemade pasta, steaks, and seafood.

Where To Eat Serious Steak Without Feeling Like An Old Man guide image

SEA Guide

Where To Eat Serious Steak Without Feeling Like An Old Man

Our 15 favorite spots for when you want steak, but you’d rather not get dressed up and/or spend all your money.

Asadero Sinaloa review image

SEA Review

Asadero Sinaloa

Asadero is a fantastic Mexican restaurant in Ballard that specializes in steaks.

The Butcher’s Table review image

SEA Review

The Butcher’s Table

The Butcher’s Table is a steakhouse in South Lake Union that’s perfect for a special occasion lunch or dinner.

Red Cow review image

SEA Review

Red Cow

Red Cow is a French restaurant in Madrona specializing in steak frites.

Boat Bar review image

SEA Review

Boat Bar

Boat Bar is a French restaurant and oyster bar on Capitol Hill that’s perfect for a low-key night out.