You know the trusted friends you turn to when you need a restaurant suggestion? That’s us. We aren’t “professional” food critics, meaning you won’t hear any pretentious foodie hobnob from us. We also aren’t restaurant industry insiders, nor do we accept invites, comped meals, or solicited reservations. Ever.

What we are is a website, newsletter, mobile app, and text message recommendation service started in 2009 (then as Immaculate Infatuation) by two guys who wanted to help their friends find not only great restaurants, but the right restaurant to suit their needs on a particular evening. That’s still what The Infatuation is built on today. We strive to make the restaurant guides and reviews that we write both entertaining and useful, so that you can find a spot that’s “Perfect For” whatever you need, be it some Action At The Bar, or a First/Early In The Game Date. The only difference is that these days there are few more of us on the team, and we have a whole lot more friends.

Meat The Infatuation Team

Chris Stang

Co-Founder & CEO
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Originally hailing from the great state of Colorado, Chris Stang moved to NYC in 2002 to chase down a dream job in the music business. After spending nearly twelve years in marketing at Atlantic Records, he now runs The Infatuation full time, spending most of his time writing, and coming up with names for the Golden Retriever he doesn’t have. Stang was recently nominated for a James Beard Award for his very real review of the very fake restaurant, Underfinger, which he someday hopes to bring to life as a food-themed amusement park in rural Scandinavia

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Andrew Steinthal

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Andrew Steinthal likes cereal, ice cream, and sneakers way more than the average person. Talk to him about Infatuation brand partnerships, the Knicks, and his favorite wings of all time at Candlelight Inn. #EEEEEATS

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Hillary Reinsberg

Editorial Director
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A native New Yorker and talented writer, editor, and human, Hillary Reinsberg was the third person to join The Infatuation full time. She came to us via BuzzFeed, where she held an editorial position in their News & Japanese Snacks Department. Just kidding. She does really love Japanese snacks though.

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Nell Potter

Community & Social Media Manager
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Nell Potter grew up in Tribeca, went to school in Nashville, and returned to New York City in the summer of 2015 to run social media for The Infatuation. Job offers she turned down before accepting said position include: Fuel Cell Engineer for the Hyperloop, Marine Biologist, CEO of some agency, and Vice President of the United States.

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Jackie Widmann

Partnerships Account Manager
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Jackie Widmann started as an intern in 2015 and now we all report to her. A recent graduate of NYU, Jackie's full time role at The Infatuation is running point on partnerships of all shapes and sizes, and also advising the rest of us on what words to use so that young people like us. She originally hails from Westchester, but recently discovered Runyon Canyon and the sun and is considering a move to LA.

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Katherine Lewin

Managing Editor
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Katherine Lewin lives in Greenpoint, so she's definitely cooler than you are. She also grew up in Austin and went to college in Los Angeles, so she's also far more knowledgeable about BBQ and sushi than any of us can ever hope to be. Along with writing features and reviewing restaurants, Katherine's job at The Infatuation is to keep all of our other city editors in line, by any means necessary. Her previous roles include copywriting at J.Crew, and Drill Sergeant at Navy SEALS.

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Sam Faye

Director of Operations
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Originally hailing from the great city of Detroit, Sam Faye has spent an immeasurable amount of time eating in Chicago’s greatest (and often most mediocre) restaurants. We are still figuring out when to tell people about his severe disdain for Chicago sports teams. Probably later.

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Buck Heroux

Chief Technology Officer

Raised in a pizza kitchen in a ski town and educated at University of Colorado, Buck Heroux is both the person you want working on technology for your company, and the person you want to be caught in an avalanche with (he always has pizza on him). Before coming to The Infatuation, Buck worked on streetview cars at Microsoft (acquired by Uber), secret things at Palantir, and Next Big Sound, which sold to Pandora. He would also like you to know that he is not a strong swimmer.

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Jesse Rose

Head of Product

Jesse is a George Washington University alumn and native of Salem, Mass, where he developed an affinity for technology and witch hunts. Yoko Ono once changed his diaper, and he will someday inherit multiple James Beard awards (through no accomplishments of his own). He is also the owner and sometimes owned by a small dog named Rex.

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Bryan Kim

Staff Writer
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Bryan showed up one day to snake out our drain, and he never left. He's an enigma wrapped in duck prosciutto, which is why he smells like duck prosciutto. Hobbies include skiing and fencing. His hobbies do not, however. He's from Seattle, and if he could only eat one food for the rest of his life he'd be upset and confused. Bryan's previous employers include Dr. Ian Bell DDS, The Gap, and Le Bernardin.

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Brant Cox

LA Editor
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Born and raised in Illinois, Brant moved to LA 6 years ago because except for Tilda Swinton, humans don’t naturally belong in winter. In his spare time, Brant enjoys tweeting about the chaos of Trader Joe’s parking lots and attending Corgi social gatherings throughout the region.

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Jess Basser Sanders

LA Managing Editor
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Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Jess has lived in Los Angeles for four years and is now fully assimilated. She drives everywhere, hates cold weather, and somehow even enjoys exercise. As a child, she only ate about five foods - six if you count things that come off "the barbie" as one. Obviously things have changed. She also recently educated the rest of the team on the Australian sport of "net ball" which is objectively not a sport.

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Brock Manheim

Partnerships Producer

Brock grew up outside of Washington DC, went to college in Connecticut, and has been living in NYC since graduation. Here at The Infatuation he is often referred to as "deck ninja" or "presentation guru" or "person with the coolest name," all of which are perfect reflections of his personality. Brock eats everything with Old Bay on it, including our competitors.

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Lizzie Greene

Sales & Partnerships Director

Not only is Lizzie Greene a seasoned Sales & Partnerships executive, she is also The Infatuation's most talented home cook. And no, not just because she is the only person who cooks at home. Lizzie makes her own breads, pastas, and even charcuterie, her favorite culinary word is "encrusted," and she likes to talk (and eat) with her hands. Which means you do not want to get into an argument with her at dinner.

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Technically, Rex is owned by Jesse. But in reality, Rex owns all of us. Is this who you are talking to when you Text Rex? No dummy, dogs can't talk. That Rex is a dinosaur.

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