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Beast & Cleaver review image

SEA Review

Beast & Cleaver

For one of the best meat-based dinners you can possibly experience in Seattle, go to Beast & Cleaver in Ballard.

Agelgil Ethiopian Restaurant review image

SEA Review

Agelgil Ethiopian Restaurant

Agelgil is an Ethiopian restaurant in the Central District that you should prioritize for their meat dishes.

Shama review image

SEA Review


Shama is a Moroccan restaurant just outside Pike Place Market that you should use for an impressive last-minute dinner Downtown.

Salt District review image

SEA Review

Salt District

Salt District is an Italian restaurant from the team behind Elliot's Oyster House that's good for waterfront views and solid pasta.

Rione XIII review image

SEA Review

Rione XIII

Rione XIII is a great Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill that serves Roman-style pizza and pasta.

Bar Ferdinand review image

SEA Review

Bar Ferdinand

Part wine bar, part bottle shop, part restaurant, Bar Ferdinand is a flexible Cap Hill spot worth knowing about for many situations.

Raccolto review image

SEA Review


Raccolto is a West Seattle Italian spot from the same people behind Contadino, and the pasta is almost as good. If you can’t get a seat, try the bar.

Contadino review image

SEA Review


Not too fancy and not too casual, Contadino in Capitol Hill is the perfect middle ground of pasta experiences.

Pizzaiolo review image

SEA Review


Pizzaiolo is a small but excellent Neapolitan pizza spot in Kirkland.

Le Messe review image

SEA Review

Le Messe

Le Messe is an Italian spot in Eastlake that serves fresh pasta. Sit at the chef’s counter.

Tutta Bella review image

SEA Review

Tutta Bella

Tutta Bella is an Italian restaurant in South Lake Union that specializes in Neapolitan pizza and pasta.

Revel SLU review image

SEA Review

Revel SLU

Revel is an excellent Korean restaurant in South Lake Union.

Salare review image

SEA Review


Salare is an American spot in Ravenna that works well for certain situations, but isn’t as good as its sister restaurant, Junebaby.

Republic review image

SEA Review


Republic is a restaurant in South Lake Union that serves American food that ranges from burgers to risotto.

FlintCreek Cattle Co. review image

SEA Review

FlintCreek Cattle Co.

FlintCreek Cattle Co. is an upscale spot in Greenwood with excellent steaks and a Happy Hour burger worth traveling for.

Cook Weaver review image

SEA Review

Cook Weaver

Cook Weaver serves incredible European/Asian fusion food on Capitol Hill.

Swel review image

SEA Review


Swel in Fremont is a slightly upscale Italian spot where you’ll want to focus on the flatbread pizzas.

Stoneburner review image

SEA Review


Stoneburner is an Italian-American spot in Ballard with great Neapolitan pizza and not-so-great pasta.

Bateau review image

SEA Review


Bateau on Capitol Hill is the place to get a unique steak in Seattle—and they happen to serve the best burger in town, too.

Samara review image

SEA Review


Samara is an American restaurant in Ballard that specializes in grilled dishes and excellent baked goods.