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Sugo Hand Roll Bar review image

SEA Review

Sugo Hand Roll Bar

Sugo Hand Roll Bar, a Downtown Japanese spot just off of Pike Place, serves great small plates and delicious temaki filled with high-quality fish.

Samurai Noodle review image

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Samurai Noodle

Samurai Noodle is a Japanese ramen shop in the International District that's perfect for slurping soup and avoiding people.

Himitsu Teriyaki review image

SEA Review

Himitsu Teriyaki

Himitsu Teriyaki is a casual Japanese counter in Maple Leaf that serves mediocre teriyaki but delicious milkshakes.

Kamonegi review image

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Kamonegi is an excellent Japanese restaurant in Fremont that serves homemade soba and tempura.

Musashi’s review image

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Musashi’s in the International District is one of the best places in Seattle for relatively cheap, high-quality sushi.

Sushi Kanpai review image

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Sushi Kanpai

Sushi Kanpai is in the bottom of an apartment in First Hill, but don’t let that stop you from going. The sushi makes for a good weeknight dinner.