The Best Happy Hours Downtown

No, you don’t have to go to Yard House. Here are 11 great Downtown Happy Hours worth your time and money.

The workweek can be tough when you’re focusing most of your energy on getting enough done to not get fired - or at the very least looking like you’re doing something productive. But for the times where you’ve officially run out of tasks or decided to neglect them altogether, it’s time to barrel-roll on out of there and head to the nearest drinking facility. Happy Hour is a civil right. And we’re here to help exercise that right. This is your back-pocket guide to the best Happy Hours Downtown. Get planning.

The Spots

When: Daily, 4-6pm and 10-Midnight The Deal: $4 Manhattans, $4 blood orange bourbon punches, $6 glasses of wine

Happy Hour at Von’s is like a dream sequence of what your thirsty 20 year-old self imagined Happy Hour to be. Whether you’re here for discounted sourdough mac and cheese or the wheel the bartenders spin that reveals new drink specials, you’re in very good hands when partying at Von’s. (Unlike the mac and cheese, the wheel is not edible.)

When: Tuesday through Saturday, 5-6:30pm The Deal: $8 cocktails, $7 glasses of wine, $7 soju flight, $6 sliders

The cocktails and sliders (we like the spicy pork and bulgogi) at Chan are a good reason to rush through your finish your end-of-day emails as quickly as possible. Though, we’re not sure what next steps would be if you accidentally sent the passive-aggressive email to Janet that’s been sitting in your drafts folder for four months. But soju and Korean bar snacks can only help in that case.

When: Monday through Friday, 4-7pm The Deal: $7 aperitifs, $1 off beer and cocktails, $2 off glasses of wine, $10 off bottles of wine

Mr. West is the sister spot to Bottlehouse, our favorite wine bar in the city. So, you know that the drinks (and the cheese selection) are going to be excellent under this roof. It’s the perfect place to sip a prosecco cocktail, admire some decorative plants, eat some burrata, and try to have a conversation with your friends, who are probably paying more attention to the marcona almonds you should order.

When: Daily, 4-6pm and 10pm-2am, all day Sunday The Deal: $4 sherries, $4 draught beer and cider, $6 shot and a beer, $2 off tins

Sometimes, Happy Hour is a great time to reflect on the day’s successes with your coworkers over pints. Other times, it’s a great opportunity to be totally alone with some alcohol and nobody else. JarrBar is a fantastic place for the latter, and is where you should also be snacking on little things like salmon rillettes and sardine tins.

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When: Monday through Friday, 5-7pm The Deal: $4 off house drinks, $6 glasses of wine, $4.50 draught beers, $6 mezzes

If you’re planning an early-in-the-game date, Happy Hour is a good excuse to leave work early and spend less money on someone you might never see again. ZigZag is a romantic little Mediterranean spot that works regardless of where you’re at in your relationship, and their Greek food is delicious. Have some glasses of wine, the tasty sesame hummus, and some chicken kabobs.

When: Monday through Friday, 3-6pm The Deal: $2 Rainiers, $8 shot and a beer, $7 glasses of wine, $1 off cocktails

We usually like Cafe Hitchcock for a power lunch, but it also would be great for a round of cocktails and a charcuterie platter. The industrial space makes any situation, from a date to a low-key job interview, not only tolerable, but enjoyable.

When: Daily, 4-6pm The Deal: $1 off beers, $5 glasses of wine, $8 bourbon margaritas, $7 shot and a beer, $7 pickleback shots

Maybe you took the day off entirely and are entertaining some people from out of town. Radiator Whiskey is a great Happy Hour spot not only because the bourbon cocktails are outstanding, but also because you can get the tater tots with gravy and a fried egg for $5. And, if you’ve never had a margarita made with brown liquor, now’s the time to try.

When: Every day, open-6:30pm, at the bar 6:30-8pm The Deal: $5 sake, $5 glasses of wine, $5 beers, $20 bottles of wine, $6 cocktails

Since there are discounts in this place from 11 to 8, Japonessa has Happy Hour for the majority of their operating hours. There are plenty of tasty sushi specials to choose from if you’re trying to have a full dinner, but if you just want to drink, $5 sake is a good deal in our book. Pair it with some brie tempura.

When: Daily, 3-6pm, 9-close The Deal: $1 off Pike draughts, $2 off glasses of wine, $2 oysters

Late afternoon is not a bad time to venture into Pike Place Market because it’s when the vendors start closing up for the day. This means less human congestion, and more beer for you. Head to Tankard & Tun, where you can drink some Kilt Lifter or Hive Five from Pike Brewing, slurp inexpensive oysters, and eat $10 fried fish sandwiches with really good fries.

When: Monday Through Friday, 4-6pm The Deal: $8 cocktails, $1 off draughts, $7 glasses of wine After a long day at work, you might feel like pulverizing some drywall with a baseball bat. But sometimes delicately tapping a ping-pong ball will have to do instead, and that’s OK. Spin is a bar that really feels more like an underground table tennis society. Come in with your entire team during Happy Hour to play a few rounds and eat fun bar snacks like hot chicken sliders, margherita flatbreads, and za’atar fries.

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