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Cafe Munir review image

SEA Review

Cafe Munir

For your next casual weeknight dinner, go to Cafe Munir in Ballard for some great Lebanese food.

Lola review image

SEA Review


Lola is a Mediterranean spot in Belltown that falls in that useful middleground between casual and upscale.

Cedars In University District review image

SEA Review

Cedars In University District

Cedars In University District is mostly known for takeout lunch, but it’s also a good spot for a lighter-than-usual Indian dinner.

Ciudad review image

SEA Review


Head to Ciudad, a Middle Eastern spot in Georgetown, for a solid mezze and grilled meat dinner that won’t be too expensive.

Garlic Crush review image

SEA Review

Garlic Crush

We’d cross the bridge for the Mediterranean food from Garlic Crush in Bellevue.

Grappa review image

SEA Review


Grappa is a Mediterranean restaurant and wine bar in Queen Anne that serves seafood and pasta.