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Canlis review image

SEA Review


Canlis is the most upscale fine dining experience you’ll find in Seattle. Here’s what to expect.

Taneda Sushi In Kaiseki review image

SEA Review

Taneda Sushi In Kaiseki

Taneda Sushi In Kaiseki is an omakase-only Japanese restaurant on Capitol Hill that serves outstanding sushi.

Aqua review image

SEA Review


Aqua is a Downtown waterfront seafood restaurant that’s perfect for impressing people who need to be impressed.

Willmott’s Ghost review image

SEA Review

Willmott’s Ghost

Willmott’s Ghost is a modern Italian spot in South Lake Union that works well for a business lunch.

Cinque Terre review image

SEA Review

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is an Italian restaurant in South Lake Union that serves pasta and excellent Neapolitan pizza.