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Life On Mars review image

SEA Review

Life On Mars

Life On Mars is a Capitol Hill bar featuring an entirely vegan menu.

The Best Bars On Capitol Hill guide image

SEA Guide

The Best Bars On Capitol Hill

The best Capitol Hill bars, from dives to hidden cocktail spots.

Dough Joy review image

SEA Review

Dough Joy

Dough Joy is a vegan bakeshop that specializes in delicious plant-based yeasted donuts alongside espresso drinks.

The Best Restaurants On Capitol Hill guide image

SEA Guide

The Best Restaurants On Capitol Hill

The very best places to eat on Capitol Hill.

Maripili Tapas Bar review image

SEA Review

Maripili Tapas Bar

Maripili is a Spanish spot on Capitol Hill that serves excellent tapas in a space perfect for dates, small groups, and solo eating.

Rione XIII review image

SEA Review

Rione XIII

Rione XIII is a great Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill that serves Roman-style pizza and pasta.

Atulea review image

SEA Review


Atulea is a tea shop on Capitol Hill that serves great matcha lattes and fluffy soft serve ice cream.

Baiten review image

SEA Review


Baiten is a dessert shop located inside Tamari Bar on Capitol Hill that serves soft serve, fruit sandwiches, and other Japanese treats.

Annapurna Cafe review image

SEA Review

Annapurna Cafe

Seattle’s best Indian food is at Annapurna on Capitol Hill. Your order? Momo dumplings and fish korma.

Bait Shop review image

SEA Review

Bait Shop

Bait shop is a nautical themed bar that serves fried fish, and it’s one of the best places to spend a night on Capitol Hill.

Rancho Bravo Tacos review image

SEA Review

Rancho Bravo Tacos

Rancho Bravo is a solid spot if you need Mexican food ASAP. And if you want to eat it on a patio, head to the Capitol Hill location.

Rhein Haus review image

SEA Review

Rhein Haus

Rhein Haus is a German biergarten on Capitol Hill, and it’s great for partying. They have a patio, bocce, glass boots of beer, and comically large pretzels.

Bateau review image

SEA Review


Bateau on Capitol Hill is the place to get a unique steak in Seattle—and they happen to serve the best burger in town, too.

Li’l Woody’s review image

SEA Review

Li’l Woody’s

Li'l Woody's in Capitol Hill is a pretty reliable burger spot.

Witness review image

SEA Review


Witness is a Southern-style brunch spot in Capitol Hill that makes you feel like you’re in Georgia. That’s a good thing.

Dino’s Tomato Pie review image

SEA Review

Dino’s Tomato Pie

Dino’s is one of few places in Seattle that knows how to do Grandma-style pizza. It’s one of our favorite spots on Capitol Hill for dinner and drinks.

The Lookout review image

SEA Review

The Lookout

The Lookout is a dive bar on Capitol Hill with good fish and chips and a better view.

Contadino review image

SEA Review


Not too fancy and not too casual, Contadino in Capitol Hill is the perfect middle ground of pasta experiences.

Bar Ferdinand review image

SEA Review

Bar Ferdinand

Part wine bar, part bottle shop, part restaurant, Bar Ferdinand is a flexible Cap Hill spot worth knowing about for many situations.

Tallulah’s review image

SEA Review


Tallulah’s is one of the best - and most attractive - places to eat brunch in Cap Hill. Bring someone who won’t mind you taking pictures of your eggs.