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Aimee Rizzo
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The Walrus And The Carpenter

Aimee Rizzo
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Reckless Noodle House

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Noodle/Bar review image

SEA Review


Noodle/Bar is a Sichuan spot in South Lake Union that serves great homemade noodles and dumplings.

Rione XIII review image

SEA Review

Rione XIII

Rione XIII is a great Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill that serves Roman-style pizza and pasta.

Sugo Hand Roll Bar review image

SEA Review

Sugo Hand Roll Bar

Sugo Hand Roll Bar, a Downtown Japanese spot just off of Pike Place, serves great small plates and delicious temaki filled with high-quality fish.

The Flora Bakehouse review image

SEA Review

The Flora Bakehouse

The Flora Bakehouse is a 100% vegetarian (and very vegan-friendly) Beacon Hill bakery that serves great pastries and espresso—and has one of the best rooftop patios in town.

Mezzanotte review image

SEA Review


If you live in Georgetown, Mezzanotte is where you'll want to go for a pasta-filled date night.

Kamonegi review image

SEA Review


Kamonegi is an excellent Japanese restaurant in Fremont that serves homemade soba and tempura.

Bunsoy review image

SEA Review


Bunsoy is a great Filipino restaurant in Ballard that serves everything from satisfying bar snacks to whole crabs.

Le Coin review image

SEA Review

Le Coin

Le Coin is a French restaurant in Fremont that we love best for a natural wine-fueled brunch. You better get the eggs benedict.

Samara review image

SEA Review


Samara is an American restaurant in Ballard that specializes in grilled dishes and excellent baked goods.

Sawyer review image

SEA Review


Sawyer is a restaurant in Ballard that specializes in upscale comfort food.

San Fermo review image

SEA Review

San Fermo

San Fermo is a charming Italian restaurant in an old house where an indie rom-com would take place. Use it for a date in Ballard.

Percy’s & Co. review image

SEA Review

Percy’s & Co.

Percy’s is a Southern bar/restaurant in Ballard with a great patio and a lot of bourbon.

Stoneburner review image

SEA Review


Stoneburner is an Italian-American spot in Ballard with great Neapolitan pizza and not-so-great pasta.

Bar Cantinetta review image

SEA Review

Bar Cantinetta

Bar Cantinetta is a small, quiet Italian restaurant in Madison Valley with homemade pasta, pizzas, and a lot of romantic feels.

Swel review image

SEA Review


Swel in Fremont is a slightly upscale Italian spot where you’ll want to focus on the flatbread pizzas.

Revel SLU review image

SEA Review

Revel SLU

Revel is an excellent Korean restaurant in South Lake Union.

Le Messe review image

SEA Review

Le Messe

Le Messe is an Italian spot in Eastlake that serves fresh pasta. Sit at the chef’s counter.

Lot No. 3 review image

SEA Review

Lot No. 3

Lot No. 3 is a fun gastropub in Bellevue with whiskey cocktails and classy bar snacks.

Pizzaiolo review image

SEA Review


Pizzaiolo is a small but excellent Neapolitan pizza spot in Kirkland.

Raccolto review image

SEA Review


Raccolto is a West Seattle Italian spot from the same people behind Contadino, and the pasta is almost as good. If you can’t get a seat, try the bar.