Tio Baby’s

Tio Baby’s is a Tex-Mex-influenced bar in Fremont that serves precisely the kind of snacks you’d want while drinking beers or margaritas. We’re talking about things like waffle fries, creative hot dogs, wings, and a McRib-style sandwich sticky with bourbon BBQ sauce and mustard seed aioli. But don’t you dare miss the nachos. They use both melted cheddar and thick, perfectly-seasoned queso, which means you get crispy toasted bits and velvety cheese sauce at the same time—which is even better layered on snappy tortilla chips with chile braised beef and bright smoked tomato.

On weekends, things get a little experimental, when specials pop up like cheeseburger dumplings, black olive-studded pizza rolls, or fried calabrian chile-marinated cheese curd rangoons. Between the cozy wooden booths, colorful murals, and framed portrait of Danny DeVito as Ongo Gablogian behind the bar, Tio Baby’s is an effortlessly fun space where you can hang out and spend a few hours.

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photo credit: Nate Watters

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