FlintCreek Cattle Co.

You tend to get the best results when you focus on what you know. For example, if you’ve played Super Smash Bros. as Captain Falcon so many times you can do a falcon punch in your sleep, keep playing as him. Because chances are if you ever spontaneously decide to switch to Princess Peach, you might end up getting ejected off a Hyrule Castle cliff. Up B never works when you need it to.

FlintCreek Cattle Co. understands the truth of this. They focus on what they know—cooking delicious meats of all kinds—and they do it very well.

There are two ideal ways to eat at FlintCreek. The first is to come for Happy Hour and sit at the big marble bar. Order a cocktail or two (our favorite is the Montana Mule with amaro), then take advantage of the Happy Hour-only food specials. Get the excellent butcher’s blue cheese burger with caramelized onion jam, arugula, and aioli (there are only 12 per night, so hurry up), or the lamb sausage sandwich with raclette cheese and truffled slaw. Either way, you’ll be very happy with your meal.

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The second ideal way to do FlintCreek is to come for a classic steak dinner. The steaks here are high quality and well-cooked, and the melted anchovy-paprika butter they’re served with is something we wish would rain out of the sky. Supplement your meat of choice with sides like the excellent pommes dauphinoise or the ginger soy-glazed green beans with bonito flakes. If you don’t want a steak, there are other meaty options to try, like a delicious braised boar with parmesan potato gnocchi. But really, you should probably just come here when you want a steak.

The tables are spread out enough that you don’t need to listen to the couple next to you go into detail about Lost conspiracy theories (although if you’re still worried about spoilers at this point, you have only yourself to blame), but there’s still a good buzz of activity, even in the later hours of dinner service.

FlintCreek succeeds because it knows what it’s good at. From the Happy Hour burger to the steaks and sides, this place sticks to its strengths, with impressive results. So when you’re ready to take a break from Super Smash Bros., this is a nice place to celebrate your winning streak.

Food Rundown

Lamb Tartare

An excellent starter for the table. Lamb, cured lemon, rose petal harissa, radish, herbs, and some pickled onion, all served with a crispy flatbread. Be sure to get some of the pickled onion in every bite.

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Butcher’s Burger

This is a truly excellent burger. It’s only served at the bar, and there are only 12 available per night, so plan ahead if you want to get your hands on one. The meat is topped with caramelized onion jam, arugula, aioli, and some blue cheese. If you’re not into the funkiness, this thing tastes just as great without the blue.

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Lamb Sausage Roll

A homemade grilled lamb sausage on a bun with raclette cheese, pickled green tomatoes, and a cabbage slaw infused with truffle. It may sound like there’s a lot going on here, but it works, and the truffle flavor is subtle enough that it doesn’t overpower the lamb. Note that this is also only available at the bar—our advice is to get the lamb roll and the burger, cut them both in half, and share them with someone you enjoy sitting next to at a bar.

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Get the ribeye if you’re starving or sharing. It’s 12 ounces, covered in an anchovy-paprika butter, and seared perfectly. This is the kind of steak you dream about, if you’re the kind of person who dreams about steak.

Filet Mignon

Another well-cooked piece of steak served with the same delicious butter. This is a smaller cut to get if you maybe ate a sleeve of Oreos before dinner.

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Pommes Dauphinoise

A side of scalloped gold potatoes topped with nutmeg cream and parmesan cheese. This is a non-negotiable addition to your steak dinner. If you’re quick enough, hoard the crispy top layer all to yourself.

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Green Beans

Topped with thick-cut bacon, ginger-soy glaze, sesame seeds, and bonito flakes. These are great, and definitely worth ordering.

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Braised Wild Boar

If you don’t want a steak and you’re not sitting at the bar, try this Italian-style braised boar ragu with garlic, sage, fennel, and some parmesan-potato gnocchi. It’s comforting and delicious—we only wish we had a few more gnocchi. Order some bread to sop up the sauce.

Short Rib Hash

An underseasoned dish of short rib cubes and not-very-flavorful root vegetables that seems to be an outlier on the otherwise strong menu. The tangy dijon sauce it comes with is tasty, but not tasty enough to make this worth your time. Skip it.

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