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Sushi By Scratch Restaurants review image

SEA Review

Sushi By Scratch Restaurants

Sushi By Scratch Restaurants is a 10-seat omakase in South Lake Union that features inventive nigiri toppings in a fun atmosphere.

The Best Seattle Bars For Your Birthday guide image

SEA Guide

The Best Seattle Bars For Your Birthday

It’s your party and you can cry if you want to. But if you go to one of these bars, hopefully you won’t.

Kamp Social Club review image

SEA Review

Kamp Social Club

Kamp is a fun American restaurant with Cajun and Jamaican influences in Madison Park. Expect excellent small plates, soft serve, and an entire section of the menu devoted to mocktails.

Jackalope review image

SEA Review


Consider Jackalope for a night out in Columbia City that's fueled by smoked brisket-focused Tex-Mex dishes and surprisingly good fish tacos.

Rione XIII review image

SEA Review

Rione XIII

Rione XIII is a great Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill that serves Roman-style pizza and pasta.

Good Shape Pizza review image

SEA Review

Good Shape Pizza

Good Shape is a pizza pop-up that serves everything from soup and salad-inspired pies to the greatest cheese pie in town. Just don't forget an order of cheeseburger rolls.

Serious Pie review image

SEA Review

Serious Pie

Serious Pie has two locations, but we like the one in Belltown best. Use it for date night or a group dinner, and get as many pizzas as possible.

Bizzarro Italian Cafe review image

SEA Review

Bizzarro Italian Cafe

Bizzarro in Wallingford kind of looks like a circus horror movie set, but it somehow works. Probably because the Italian food is so great.

Brave Horse Tavern review image

SEA Review

Brave Horse Tavern

Brave Horse Tavern is a bar in South Lake Union with good food, boozy jello shots, and shuffleboard. It’s hard to have a bad night here.

Japonessa review image

SEA Review


Japonessa somehow pulls of Japanese-Mexican fusion, and it’s a great place for a birthday dinner or date night downtown.

Contadino review image

SEA Review


Not too fancy and not too casual, Contadino in Capitol Hill is the perfect middle ground of pasta experiences.

Salare review image

SEA Review


Salare is an American spot in Ravenna that works well for certain situations, but isn’t as good as its sister restaurant, Junebaby.

Ma’ono Fried Chicken & Whisky review image

SEA Review

Ma’ono Fried Chicken & Whisky

Ma’Ono is a Hawaiian restaurant in West Seattle with ridiculously good fried chicken. Get the corn too, and come with a crowd.

FlintCreek Cattle Co. review image

SEA Review

FlintCreek Cattle Co.

FlintCreek Cattle Co. is an upscale spot in Greenwood with excellent steaks and a Happy Hour burger worth traveling for.

Cook Weaver review image

SEA Review

Cook Weaver

Cook Weaver serves incredible European/Asian fusion food on Capitol Hill.

Soi review image

SEA Review


Soi is an Isan Thai restaurant on Capitol Hill with excellent food and interesting cocktails.

Swel review image

SEA Review


Swel in Fremont is a slightly upscale Italian spot where you’ll want to focus on the flatbread pizzas.

Rhein Haus review image

SEA Review

Rhein Haus

Rhein Haus is a German biergarten on Capitol Hill, and it’s great for partying. They have a patio, bocce, glass boots of beer, and comically large pretzels.

The Masonry review image

SEA Review

The Masonry

The Masonry is a wood-fired pizza spot in Fremont with a large beer selection and very excellent meatballs.

Sawyer review image

SEA Review


Sawyer is a restaurant in Ballard that specializes in upscale comfort food.