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15 NYC Restaurants With Big Round Tables

If you’re looking for a spot where no one will complain about their seat at the table, use this guide.

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15 Spots
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15 Spots
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There are a few advantages to eating at a big round table. No one in your group will complain about their seat, for example, and it also makes it easier to share things. Plus, you can pretend that you can pretend that you’re part of a secret society, and anyone who’s afraid of corners will be just fine. That (plus the fact that people kept asking us for places with big round tables) is why we made this guide. You’ll find all sorts of good options below.

the spots

ABC Kitchen

$$$$ 35 E. 18th St.

ABC Kitchen has been around for a little while now, and it’s still the sort of place where you can eat with someone who occasionally considers moving to Southern California. There are things like whole wheat pizza, crab toast, and kale salad, and this is a nice, big space with chandeliers and white furniture. They also have a few large round tables in the corners, if you need a place to eat with your family or an especially health-conscious boss around Union Square.

Win Son

$$$$ 159 Graham Ave

There are exactly two round tables at Win Son, and they’re right in the front. If you’re eating here with five or more people, they’ll let you make a reservation, and you should know that each round table seats roughly six. The food here is a mix of Taiwanese and American, almost everything costs less than $20, and we’re particularly fans of the chicken sandwich and pork buns. So make a trip over here for your next fun night out with friends. It’s worth it.

Loring Place

$$$$ 21 W 8th St

Loring Place is an ideal option when you’re going out with a group that has at least one person who’s trying to be healthy and few of other people who don’t care. You can get a salad or a burger, or you can order a brussels sprout pizza, which, in terms of healthiness, is somewhere in between those two other things. And, while most of the tables have four sides and pointy corners, there are a few extra-large ones that do the circle thing.

Kings County Imperial

$$$$ 20 Skillman Ave.

Lazy susans are an objectively fun way to eat, and Kings County Imperial has two of them. They’re on top of their two big round tables, and they’ll help you share some great Chinese food in Williamsburg. Just be sure to make a reservation, order some soup dumplings and the mock eel, and go to Union Pool afterwards if you’re looking to have that sort of night.


$$$$ 236 5th Ave

Ilili is an upscale Lebanese restaurant in Flatiron, and the main dining area is just one long room filled with a bunch of round tables. With its high ceilings and fancy wood-paneled walls, it looks sort of like a place where Bruce Wayne would eat whilst trying to keep his cover, and it’s a great spot for a business meeting or a meal with some people who generally only eats in Midtown.


Italian  in  NOHO
$$$$ 31 Great Jones St.

When you need something a little nicer than a place where you eat on a Tuesday night, but nothing so fancy that you’ll have to put on some clean clothes and take out a loan, go to Vic’s. It’s perfect for a dinner with your family, a few friends, or some college people that you may or may not like anymore. The food is Italian, with a usual mix of pizza, pasta, and roasted chicken, and there are a few round tables of various sizes, including a larger one with a booth that’ll fit about eight people.

Gramercy Tavern

$$$$ 42 E. 20th St.

If you have something big to celebrate with a group, and you’d rather do so at a table where everyone can sit in a circle and make really intense eye contact, get a reservation at Gramercy Tavern. You can either do the prix fixe or a tasting menu, and you can hang out at a round table in the middle of the room while you eat some top-notch pasta or some steak tartare and duck confit.

The Smith

$$$$ 53 3rd Ave.

It’s not that we like putting The Smith on guides, it’s just that it works pretty well for almost everything. This place has all kinds of food (including pasta, steak, and salad), and there are round tables at every location because they’re well aware of the fact that people tend to enjoy sitting in a circle. Bring your family. Or stop by on a triple date when you forgot to book a table somewhere special and have decided that this place will do just fine.

Wu's Wonton King

$$$$ 165 E Broadway

Wu’s Wonton King is filled with big round tables, and the larger ones can fit around 12 people. They also have lazy susans that are several feet in diameter, which makes sharing both easy and exciting. This is a Chinese restaurant a few doors down from 169 Bar on the Lower East Side, and it’s the sort of place where you can eat a whole suckling pig (if you order in advance). You can also see if they have any peking duck available or just get the crispy garlic chicken along with a small vat of wonton soup. Whatever you do, take advantage of the fact that this place is BYOB.

Minetta Tavern

$$$$ 113 MacDougal St.

Minetta Tavern is a classic NYC spot, and it’s the sort of place where you can eat some steak in a dark room and pretend that you’ve just written a bestseller in the year 1950. The walls are covered in old photos, the lights stay dim, and the dining room is lined with red leather banquettes. They also serve one of the best burgers in the city, and while most of the tables are the type with four corners, there are a few circular ones thrown in for good measure. Try requesting one when you make your reservation.

Tijuana Picnic

$$$$ 151 Essex St.

If it’s your birthday, and you’re looking for a place to have a fun dinner on the LES that will most likely lead to dancing and mild shame the next morning, Tijuana Picnic is what you’re looking for. The upstairs dining room has booths along each wall, and the ones on the left have (say it with us now) big round tables. You can share some things like tacos and skewers, then head down to the basement and hang out at the bar or find a place nearby where you can drink until the early morning.

The Smile

$$$$ 26 Bond St.

The Smile is a Mediterranean/American restaurant, and it’s where you should be eating with a group in Noho when someone might be wearing sweats and another person is wearing something they paid too much money for. It’s a cool place, but it’s very casual, and it feels kind of like a small cabin or an antique store that tends to be filled with young people. They serve things like salmon, pasta, and a mezze plate, and there’s also one large round table that happens to be the best table in the house.

If you’d like to eat some dim sum in a party environment where there might be a wedding reception or two, go to Golden Unicorn. It’s on the second floor of a building in Chinatown, and the large space is filled with massive round tables that will fit most families or friend groups. Try it for a birthday brunch, a team outing, or maybe even a wedding reception. The food is solid and affordable, and it’s a place you should try at least once.

Coffee Shop

$$$$ 29 Union Sq W

All the way in the back of Coffee Shop, you’ll find a second dining room with a bar, a bunch of tables, and some booths. Maybe you didn’t see this coming, but: those booths have big round tables. This is a great spot for a very casual meal with friends or some people that you work with, and it also happens to be open 24 hours. Plus, the menu is enormous (this is a nice diner, essentially), and the Union Square location will be convenient for most people who take the subway.


$$$$ 38 E.19th St

There isn’t any meat at abcV. That’s just how vegetarian restaurants work. But, even compared to places that serve beef and chicken, the food here is exceptional - and pretty much anyone will be happy with one of their dosas or the big roasted head of cauliflower. There’s also one large table at the front of the space, and you should do your very best to eat there. It’s perfect for your next somewhat upscale group dinner that’s also kind-of-healthy, and people will be jealous of the fact that you got this table.

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