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La Mercerie

Carina Finn
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Hannah Albertine
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Absolute Bagels

Hannah Albertine
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Russ & Daughters

Hannah Albertine
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The Best Doughnuts In NYC guide image

NYC Guide

The Best Doughnuts In NYC

From yeast and cake to mochi and vegan varieties, here's what to get when any old doughnut won't do.

The Doughnut Project review image

NYC Review

The Doughnut Project

The Doughnut Project in the West Village always has interesting and experimental flavors. This place inspires a loyal following, and we can see why.

Fan Fan Doughnuts review image

NYC Review

Fan Fan Doughnuts

This shop in Bed-Stuy specializes in long eclair-like filled doughnuts. You'll want to try one of everything.

Caroline's Donuts review image

NYC Review

Caroline's Donuts

Contrary to popular opinion, Caroline's Donuts has the best doughnuts in Bed-Stuy.

Doughnut Plant review image

NYC Review

Doughnut Plant

Doughnut Plant on the LES has transcendent spongy, slightly dense, and chewy yeast doughnuts.

Moe's Doughs review image

NYC Review

Moe's Doughs

Moe's Doughs is a bakery in Greenpoint that makes excellent old-fashioned doughnuts.

Apollo Bagels review image

NYC Review

Apollo Bagels

This pop-up from the Leo team makes some of the best bagels in the city. Get the everything with fennel seeds and flaky salt.

La Mercerie review image

NYC Review

La Mercerie

La Mercerie is a French café in Soho where you can eat excellent food and live out your Francophile fantasies.

Cheong Fun Cart review image

NYC Review

Cheong Fun Cart

Every morning at the corner of Hester and Elizabeth, you'll find this cart serving simple, springy, and pleasantly chewy meat-filled rice rolls that start at $1.50.

Maman review image

NYC Review


This location of Maman next to Rockefeller Center excels at baked items like croissants, loaf cakes, and cookies. Because of that, we prefer their sandwiches to their salads.

Dominique Ansel Workshop review image

NYC Review

Dominique Ansel Workshop

Dominique Ansel Workshop is a Nomad cafe that's great for a quick bite at any time of day.

Pick-A-Bagel review image

NYC Review


The problem with this location of Pick-A-Bagel on 77th and Lex is that you’re just not sure what you’re going to get.

Supermoon Bakehouse review image

NYC Review

Supermoon Bakehouse

Supermoon Bakehouse is a Lower East Side destination for technically flawless, Instagram-famous viennoiserie.

Little Flower Cafe  review image

NYC Review

Little Flower Cafe

Little Flower is a modern halal cafe in Astoria that serves excellent pastries and a seriously good fried chicken sandwich.

David's Bagels review image

NYC Review

David's Bagels

Go grab a BEC on one of the huge Tempur-Pedic bagels at this bagel shop in Gramercy.

Terrace Bagels review image

NYC Review

Terrace Bagels

Terrace Bagels is a classic spot in Windsor Terrace that makes satisfying, straightforward bagels.

Dyker Park Bagels review image

NYC Review

Dyker Park Bagels

Dyker Park bagels is a Bay Ridge bagel shop with a quality cream cheese selection.

Angelina Paris review image

NYC Review

Angelina Paris

Angelina Paris is the New York outpost of a Parisian cafe known for its delightfully thick hot chocolate.

Simple Loaf Bakehouse review image

NYC Review

Simple Loaf Bakehouse

Simple Loaf Bakehouse is a cute Park Slope spot for a quick bite or a low-key brunch.

Bagel Hole review image

NYC Review

Bagel Hole

Bagel Hole is a shoebox-sized spot in Park Slope that makes flawless bagels—just don't ask them to toast yours.