Sometimes, you just want to put on a cute outfit, go somewhere moderately fancy, and eat vegetables. abcV, Jean George’s third child in the ABC empire, is a solid pick for exactly those moments.

Sure, you'll feel a little like you’re sitting in a C-list actor’s living room that’s been designed by their friend who’s trying to start an interior design business. Some are really into that—and we don’t (intensely) judge people who enjoy a wall-mounted rug. The food is pretty good, and we've had a few things we like a lot, but nothing is going to blow your mind.

The plant-based menu can either be great or… not so great. The dosas are crisp, fragrant, and served with a trio of inventive chutneys, and the whole roasted cauliflower has a cult-following for a reason. In general, dishes that are simple, straightforward, and technique-heavy are best. If the description of a menu item makes you wonder whether or not those things really go together (for example: roasted carrots, almond butter, and finger lime), skip it.

Whatever you do, make sure to save room for dessert. The pastry chef, Karen DeMasco runs the dessert program at all three ABC restaurants, so this rule applies across the board if you're dining in Jean George’s little corner of Union Square. Heirloom grains and seasonal produce are front and center in the desserts, and the sorbets are some of the best in the city. 

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