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Taqueria Ramirez review image

Taqueria Ramirez

Hannah Albertine
Cosme review image
Mariscos El Submarino review image

Mariscos El Submarino

Hannah Albertine
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For All Things Good

Nikko Duren
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Los Mariscos

Katherine Lewin

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Bar Tulix review image

NYC Review

Bar Tulix

Bar Tulix is a seafood-heavy Mexican restaurant in Soho with food from the chef behind Oxomoco and Speedy Romeo.

La Caverna review image

NYC Review

La Caverna

La Caverna is a Mexican restaurant on the LES where you can eat tacos and smoke hookah in a basement built like a cave.

Tacos Güey review image

NYC Review

Tacos Güey

When you're in the mood for exciting ceviche and other raw seafood dishes, consider Mexican spot Tacos Güey in Flatiron.

Coche Comedor review image

NYC Review

Coche Comedor

Coche Comedor is one of our favorite Mexican places in the Hamptons.

Maya's Snack Bar review image

NYC Review

Maya's Snack Bar

Maya's Snack Bar is a rainbow colored snack shop that specializes in Mexican treats like tostilocos and paletas.

Paleteria Los Michoacanos review image

NYC Review

Paleteria Los Michoacanos

The milk pops and water ices at this Corona paleteria are so deeply flavorful we’d eat them in a blizzard.