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The Best Restaurants Near Union Square

You'll pass through Union Square at some point this week, and you might as well eat something good while you're there.

Comodo review image

NYC Review


At Comodo in Flatiron, you'll find things like pasta and roast chicken prepared with a variety of Latin components.

Covina review image

NYC Review


A conveniently located restaurant in Midtown that’s more than just convenient. The food and service at Covina are great.

O Ya review image

NYC Review

O Ya

O Ya is easily some of the best sushi in NYC, but it's missing that special something.

Javelina review image

NYC Review


Some say that Javelina is the first true arrival of Tex-Mex in New York City. We're not that excitable.

Upland review image

NYC Review


Upland used to be one of our favorite spots in the city, but now it’s mostly just a useful place to have a solid meal in Flatiron.

Maialino review image

NYC Review


This Gramercy Park Roman Italian restaurant is an excellent place for date night, brunch, or just went you want a great bowl of pasta.

Bar Jamón review image

NYC Review

Bar Jamón

Bar Jamón is basically Casa Mono's waiting room. However, for that First/Early in the Game Date, where dinner feels too formal but you are also starving, Bar Jamón was designed for you.

L’Express review image

NYC Review


A 24 hour French cafe that is good for everything from casual dinner with friends, to business lunch, to going face down in a burger at 3am.

Old Town Bar review image

NYC Review

Old Town Bar

Over a century of Big Apple history lies within these walls, as does a pretty excellent burger. Come have a beer and pretend your horse is outside.

Eleven Madison Park review image

NYC Review

Eleven Madison Park

Fancy though it may be, Eleven Madison Park is surprisingly lively. But make no mistake, this is fine dining at its most serious.

Novita review image

NYC Review


If you live in the neighborhood, Novita is a nice local hang with great service and reasonable food; we just wouldn't recommend going out of your way for it.

Casa Mono review image

NYC Review

Casa Mono

Casa Mono serves great tapas in a tiny space in Gramercy.

Hawksmoor NYC review image

NYC Review

Hawksmoor NYC

Hawksmoor on Park Avenue and 22nd Street is a London steakhouse with an upscale take on traditional British food.

Milu review image

NYC Review


Milu is a fast-casual restaurant in Gramercy, but the Chinese food here is much better than what’s normally served at bowl-and-grain-plate spots.

Caffè Panna review image

NYC Review

Caffè Panna

Caffè Panna is an Italian ice cream spot in Gramercy that makes some of the best dessert in the city.

Rolf’s German Restaurant review image

NYC Review

Rolf’s German Restaurant

Rolf’s serves a full menu of heavy German food, but it’s best known for its elaborate, year-round holiday decorations.

Verōnika review image

NYC Review


At this Eastern European restaurant in Gramercy, the dining room is far more impressive than the food.

Triona’s review image

NYC Review


Triona’s is a sports bar in Gramercy that is usually pretty low-key, except when Michigan or a team from Chicago is playing.

Headless Horseman review image

NYC Review

Headless Horseman

Headless Horseman has a good beer selection and popular Happy Hour right by Union Square.