Golden Unicorn

Dim sum at Golden Unicorn is always a good idea, whether you're celebrating a special occasion, or simply out and about and hungry before 10:30am on a Sunday morning. An early start will help you avoid a long wait, which is all but guaranteed on weekends at this Chinatown classic.

A bi-level restaurant in an '80s-era office building, Golden Unicorn is the perfect place to linger over pig-shaped custard buns and shu mai with a big group. The roaming carts are loosely organized by genre (dumplings, steamed rice rolls, meaty bits like chicken feet and braised spare ribs), so just wave down whichever is closest to your table and snag a few plates. There's some outdoor seating around the corner from the main entrance, though there you’ll check off your order on a paper menu. Golden Unicorn does dim sum at dinnertime too, as well as a full menu of Cantonese dishes.

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