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The Best Restaurants Near Union Square guide image

NYC Guide

The Best Restaurants Near Union Square

You'll pass through Union Square at some point this week, and you might as well eat something good while you're there.

Lyseé review image

NYC Review


Lyseé is a dessert gallery in Flatiron where the pastries taste as good as they look.

Tacos Güey review image

NYC Review

Tacos Güey

When you're in the mood for exciting ceviche and other raw seafood dishes, consider Mexican spot Tacos Güey in Flatiron.

Comodo review image

NYC Review


At Comodo in Flatiron, you'll find things like pasta and roast chicken prepared with a variety of Latin components.

Sugarfish review image

NYC Review


The first NYC location of the wildly popular LA sushi chain.

Atoboy review image

NYC Review


Atoboy serves a $75 prix-fixe menu in Flatiron, and it's a wonderful place to casually nerd out over expertly-made Korean food.

ABC Kitchen review image

NYC Review

ABC Kitchen

After five years in business, ABC Kitchen is still pretty. But after a recent change in chef, the food is just pretty good.

Cote review image

NYC Review


Côte is a Korean barbecue place in Flatiron that looks kind of a like a nightclub and serves some high-quality beef. They also do a great prix fixe.

Sarashina Horii review image

NYC Review

Sarashina Horii

Sarashina Horii is a high-end soba restaurant in Flatiron where you should take someone for an impressive dinner date.

Sushi By Bou review image

NYC Review

Sushi By Bou

Sushi By Bou is a hidden sushi spot in Flatiron where you can have a 12-course omakase for $50, in 30 minutes flat.

Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop review image

NYC Review

Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop

A classic lunch counter that’s been around since 1929 in the heart of Flatiron.

Periyali review image

NYC Review


A classic Greek restaurant that's been around since the 80's, and still holds up today.

ABC Cocina review image

NYC Review

ABC Cocina

ABC Cocina is the Flatiron-located, Latin-inspired sequel to ABC Kitchen, and it’s better than the original.

Almayass review image

NYC Review


We’re not exactly sure that New York City was in desperate need of an Armenian/Lebanese restaurant, but this stateside opening of Almayass, a Beirut-based establishment with locations across the Middle East, is very exciting for at least three or four of us here.

The NoMad review image

NYC Review

The NoMad

Is the Nomad still a big deal? It depends on how you do it.

Hill Country Chicken review image

NYC Review

Hill Country Chicken

With so many incredible fried chicken options around these days, this isn’t one to go out of your way for.

The Breslin review image

NYC Review

The Breslin

The Breslin is a gastropub at the Ace Hotel in Flatiron. Order the lamb burger.

Boqueria review image

NYC Review


The Flatiron location of this Spanish tapas chain has a casual space that’s good for groups.

Novita review image

NYC Review


If you live in the neighborhood, Novita is a nice local hang with great service and reasonable food; we just wouldn't recommend going out of your way for it.

Blue Smoke review image

NYC Review

Blue Smoke

A long time Infatuation favorite. Blue Smoke is still serving some of the best BBQ you can find in NYC.