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Shion 69 Leonard Street

Neha Talreja
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Sushi Nonaka

Hannah Albertine

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Sushi W review image

NYC Review

Sushi W

If you like relatively quick meals, very little chit chat, and fresh fish, Sushi W on the Upper West Side is the spot for you.

Genki Omakase review image

NYC Review

Genki Omakase

Don't let the drab strip mall vibes at this Greenwich Village spot fool you. The sushi at Genki Omakase is high quality, but you only have an hour to eat it.

The Inlet Seafood Restaurant review image

NYC Review

The Inlet Seafood Restaurant

The Inlet Seafood Restaurant in Montauk has a solid menu of salads, sandwiches, and fried seafood.

Yama-Q review image

NYC Review


Come to Yama-Q for good quality, straightforward sushi in Bridgehampton.

Suki Zuki review image

NYC Review

Suki Zuki

Come to Suki Zuki in Watermill for two things: the spicy tuna sandwich and the chicken teriyaki salad.

Kissaki review image

NYC Review


Kissaki is a sushi spot in Watermill with a great omakase.