Lots of NYC sushi spots shoot for a quiet, minimalist sort of thing. But with its EDM soundtrack and futuristic LED lighting, Kissaki falls along the other end of the spectrum. It’s not quite Tao, but it does feel like a place you’d find near a Fendi store in a mall for the 1%. The UWS restaurant is divided into two rooms—one with tables, another with a counter—and the menu features a selection of signature nigiri with various toppings like caviar and seared shiitake mushroom. You’ll probably spend at least $75 per person (unless you go for the $120 or $150 omakase), but the fish is great, the flavor combinations are interesting, and you can drink a good margarita while you consume your last paycheck. Kissaki also has locations in The Hamptons and Greenwich, Connecticut, as well as one downtown.