Where To Get Sushi Delivery And Takeout In NYC

23 places to get some quality raw fish.
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Some things are hard to make at home. Sushi, for example, poses a few challenges— especially if the bodega below your apartment doesn’t happen to sell high-quality raw tuna. Fortunately, there are a bunch of great takeout and delivery options all around the city. Order from one of the places on this guide, and you can support a local restaurant while also gracefully admitting that you aren’t up to the task of making your own 10-course omakase.

The Spots



Greenwich Village

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Both the Jersey City and Greenwich Village locations of Domodomo are open for takeout and delivery, and they're offering a bunch of different sets that range from a $29 meal that includes four handrolls to a $68 “Sushi Domokase” that comes with 12 pieces of nigiri, two handrolls, sashimi, and miso soup.

Momo Sushi Shack is open for takeout and delivery, so get a whole spread of this Bushwick spot’s signature round sushi pieces (called “bombs,”), and throw in some gyoza and a spicy scallop roll.

Would the East Village be the East Village without Kanoyama? Yes, but it would be a worse East Village. This classic neighborhood sushi spot is currently offering both delivery and takeout. Get a $25 sushi set, and consider adding some mochi ice cream to your order.



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When you want to remind yourself why you choose to live in a city where the median rent grows faster than bamboo, Blue Ribbon Sushi in Soho is always a good idea. You can order a plate of kanpachi sashimi with yuzu, for example, or a 10-piece sushi deluxe that will bring you an unreasonable amount of comfort.

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You may remember Lure Fishbar as that one place where you once had a lunch meeting that made you feel like you were in an episode of Billions. Well, maybe not Billions—but Millions, at the very least, if such a show exists. This is a Soho institution that’s somehow a great place for both sushi and burgers.

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Sugarfish typically has a wait of several hours, which we’d be inclined to call ridiculous, if we personally had not waited several hours for Sugarfish. And now, you can order a set meal from Sugarfish and pretend you had to wait three hours in order to eat it. Both the Flatiron and Soho locations are open for pickup and delivery.

Nami Nori is a spot in the West Village that specializes in taco-shaped handrolls stuffed with things like tuna poke and spicy sea bass, and they sell them in sets for around $30. We especially like the XO scallop version, and we suggest you get a bowl of clam miso soup or cottage fries sprinkled with furikake.

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A neighborhood spot in Park Slope, Wasan is the kind of place that you might have a very strong attachment to if you live within a 10-block radius. And the good news is, it’s currently open for both pickup and delivery for lunch and dinner. You can grab a sushi set for $23 and also get a salad if you forget what those taste like.

If you live in or around Long Island City, you should walk over to Hibino and pick up some raw fish. The sushi here is reliably excellent, especially considering the most expensive thing on the menu is a $34 15-piece sashimi combo that we’d like you to order for us right now. Just give them a call at 718-260-8052 or order on their website.

Please, do not be fooled by the somewhat generic name of TJ Asian Bistro. This place makes some of the best sushi in Sunnyside, and they have a massive menu with sushi sets starting at $17. You’ll be happy to know that TJ Asian Bistro has something called a Sushi Lover that feeds two and costs $43. Give them a call at 718-205-2033, or order directly from their site.

If you live near the East Village, you can now place a Sushi By M pick-up order online. They’re offering a few different to-go omakase options as well as donburi and maki roll combos. Check out their Instagram page here for more information about the menu and pricing.

Roy’s Fish Market is, indeed, a tiny fish market on the Upper East Side. But it also has a sushi counter, and they make a bunch of different sushi and sashimi combos (most of which are less than $25). It’s ideal for a Wednesday night when you need a piece of yellowtail to sit by your side and ask you how your day was, and you can order directly by calling 212-838-3587.

Sushi Dojo is a little pricier than your average neighborhood sushi spot, but the sushi here is also good enough to make you consider spending the majority of your money on raw fish.

Price-wise, Sushi Katsuei is on the low end of the higher-end sushi spots. What that means is that you can get an excellent omakase for $65. It comes with nine pieces and a hand roll—and there are a bunch of a la carte options as well. If you’re sitting around on a Friday night and would like to considerably upgrade your experience, order from the West Village location or the Park Slope original.

If you’re looking for delivery sushi on the Upper West Side, go for Momoya. They offer a huge variety of rolls and a la carte pieces like Japanese mackerel and octopus, and their sushi and sashimi sets are all less than $37. Call 212-580-0007 for pickup or delivery.

If you did a side-by-side taste test between U-Gu in Clinton Hill and a place that charges $100 for an omakase, you’d have a hard time telling the difference—which is remarkable, because the sushi sets here start at $26. Call 718-857-0222 for pickup orders, or order online.

Consider moving to Crown Heights. Or, if you already live in Crown Heights, consider remaining there. Because there’s an excellent neighborhood sushi spot called Uotora. If you call 718-513-0724 or order on their website, you can walk over and pick up some fatty tuna rolls or a sushi set for $25. They also deliver.

Sushi Yu is a very solid sushi spot in Washington Heights, and it’s exactly the kind of place where you might eat a salmon avocado roll in your pajamas. So if you’re feeling nostalgic for times when you could shake hands and play touch football, order a sushi deluxe for around $30, and eat it on your couch in your pajamas. You can order directly from their site.

Another useful neighborhood spot one would be fortunate live near, Gen in Prospect Heights is currently offering pickup and delivery directly through their website here. They have a bunch of different rolls with things like broiled eel with shrimp tempura, and you can grab a sushi set for $26.

If you’re looking for high-quality takeout that won’t force you to host a yard sale, order from Shinsen. You can get a $29 set with eight pieces including things like tuna, salmon, and other assorted fish.

For a chain, Haru is surprisingly good. It isn’t the cheapest spot in the world (you’ll probably wind up spending around $40 on your sushi), but it’s one of your best takeout options in Midtown, and there are locations in Hell’s Kitchen, FiDi, and the Upper West Side as well. Order delivery or takeout directly from their site here.

If you’re in Harlem, order from Yuzu. This is an overachieving neighborhood spot where you can either get 12 pieces of chutoro, a bowl of grilled eel over rice, or a sushi set for around $30. The fish here is very high quality, they serve a huge variety of rolls, and you can place an order through their website here.

Does Beyond Sushi actually serve sushi? Yes. There just isn’t any fish in it. This vegan spot makes dumplings, wraps, and inventive rolls with ingredients like black rice, mango, avocado, and a spicy slaw. That one’s called the Spicy Mang, and you should order it. They also have locations in Midtown, Bryant Park, Union Square and SoHo. You can place an order right on their website here.

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