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Kenny is a staff writer for Infatuation NYC. After working in technology for (let's just say a pretty long time), he took the next logical step in his career and decided to start writing about food. Originally from Houston, Kenny moved to New York after college and then back to Texas (this time to Austin) before remembering that he actually despises driving—so he promptly came back. Live shows are a big part of his life and he used to be a decent tennis player (but only pretends to be one now). If he sees pigs in a blanket on a menu, it's his inexplicable life rule to always order it. There's a rumor that he maintains a doc with details about every restaurant he's ever been to. But that's probably not true because who does that?

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Post review image

NYC Review


Post is an American restaurant in Alphabet City with lots of vegan options. It's a must-visit for biscuit lovers.

Charles Pan-Fried Chicken review image

NYC Review

Charles Pan-Fried Chicken

This Upper West Side outpost of the popular spot that started in Harlem will satisfy your soul food craving whenever it hits.

Takahachi review image

NYC Review


In a neighborhood full of high-end restaurants, Takahachi in Tribeca stands out as a casual spot with relatively affordable and good quality sushi.

The Best Restaurants In Tribeca guide image

NYC Guide

The Best Restaurants In Tribeca

Burgers, sushi, tasting menus, and more.

Nothing Really Matters review image

NYC Review

Nothing Really Matters

Nothing Really Matters is a speakeasy-ish bar in the downtown 1 50th Street subway station that is a great alternative to all the pubs and hotel lounges in the area.

17 NYC Restaurants Offering Valentine’s Day Specials guide image

NYC Guide

17 NYC Restaurants Offering Valentine’s Day Specials

Multi-course dinners, special desserts, and more ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in NYC.

Banchan by Sunny review image

NYC Review

Banchan by Sunny

Banchan by Sunny is a pop-up at People's Wine on the Lower East Side serving a large variety of banchan and other Korean dishes.