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Nobu 57

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Before last week, it had been a while since we visited this Midtown location of the ever sprawling Nobu empire. Why? Well, partly because all of my extra cash has been tied up in the market (I spent it) but also because coming to this location is like participating in a focus group on the effects of Viagra and money on the male brain. In no other place on earth will you see so many sixty year old men getting helped up the stairs, but still rocking a suede jacket and jet black hair. Yeah, that blonde girl was totally checking you out dude. Actually, she really was checking you out. Gross.

Luckily, it's not only the old rich guy show at Nobu 57. It's also the single greatest place in the city to watch people watch for celebrities. "Is that Russell Brand?" No, that's just a tall lady. "I think that's Chris Rock!" Nope, just a black guy. "Wait, that's totally Daughtry." Yes, that is Daughtry, and he's walking over here with a camera. Don't move. If you stay absolutely still, he can't see you.

All observations about the clientele aside, Nobu 57 is still a pretty damn good meal. It's hard not to love those classic dishes, as long as you can swallow the hefty price tag. This Food Rundown below is how I order every time I hit Nobu, no matter what location. The only thing that matters is that I'm not paying. Who wants to buy me dinner so I can show you where Kathy Griffin usually sits?

Food Rundown

Big Eye Tuna Tacos

You'll see a lot of tuna tacos around town these days. We're not sure if they originated at Nobu, but these are probably better than the ones that you find at other restaurants that are also sort of nightclubs.

Rock Shrimp Tempura with Ponzu or Creamy Spicy Sauce

You know the drill. One or two orders of each is mandatory.

Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño

Still a Nobu must order, no matter where in the world you happen to be overspending on dinner. We can't get enough of that ponzu and that fresh spicy kick.

Black Cod Butter Lettuce

A square inch brick of Nobu's famous black cod wrapped in a small piece of butter lettuce and sprinkled with crunchy stuff. It adds up to $4.50 per bite, and it's so good that you're probably gonna end up asking the restaurant for a line of credit.

Fluke Sashimi with Dried Red Miso and Yuzu Sauce

Very similar to the yellowtail jalapeño, and somehow a little spicier. Order it.

Lobster Shiitake Salad with Spicy Lemon Dressing

We've always loved this lobster salad at Nobu. Because if you're gonna get a salad, you might as well get a really f*cking expensive salad. Take that, 99%. There might as well be twenty dollar bills on the plate instead of the greens.

Grilled Toro Special

Every once in a while you'll catch a special at Nobu 57 of lightly grilled fatty tuna with shitake mushrooms and ponzu sauce. It's crazy delicious, and you should order it. And yes, it's expensive.


You shouldn't come to Nobu for the sushi, but if you must, keep it simple. I'm usually sitting in front of a few pieces of delicious yellowtail and a spicy scallop handroll before the night is over.

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