Trust Bae

The $185 omakase at Trust Bae is a house party and a dinner show rolled into one, fueled by shots of free sake. At this nightclub-like room in Nomad, the banter around the eight-seat counter will gradually get livelier as you go through 16 courses, starting with six Filipino appetizers, like palabok with pleasantly pungent shrimp jus. It’s so dark in here that you’ll barely see what you’re eating, but feel free to bust out your ring light—in fact, the staff encourages it. Next come nine pieces of nigiri, dressed up in everything from caviar and truffles to gold dust and foie. The experience is a bit gimmicky, but still fun, and the food is enjoyable. If you book the last seating, stick around for karaoke to keep the party going.

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photo credit: Hassan Mokkaddam

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