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The NYC Burger Delivery Guide

41 spots to get a great burger for takeout or delivery tonight.

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Updated June 12th, 2020

A burger is greater than the sum of its parts. Not just because eating buns or raw onions on their own is pretty lame, but because a burger is a mood. It’s what you order when you want to eat with your hands after a particularly long day, after a few particularly strong drinks, or as is often the case at the moment - after both. We can’t say that burgers deliver better than, say, pizza, but when you’re in the mood, nothing else will do. Order delivery from any of the 43 places on this guide.

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Teddy Wolff

Red Hook Tavern

AmericanBurgersSteaks  in  Red Hook
$$$$ 329 Van Brunt St

Hometown Bar-B-Que trying its hand with burgers is like Michael Jordan dabbling in athletic footwear - it was always going to turn out well. At its sister restaurant, Red Hook Tavern, you’ll find a dry-aged cheeseburger for pickup everyday from 12-7:30pm, as well as delivery to Gowanus, Carroll Gardens, and Red Hook.

Kate Previte

BK Jani

$$$$ 679 Grand Street

Contemporary art and at-home haircuts get a pass on perfect proportions, but not burgers. For proof, look no further than BK Jani in Bushwick. The thick patty, slice of grilled tomato, chutney, and yogurt all add a lot of flavor without overwhelming one another. It’s one of our favorite burgers in NYC, and it’s available for takeout or delivery any day but Monday.


$$$$ 228 W 10th St

L’Artusi re-opening for takeout would’ve been big news on its own, but they decided to return with a bang - by debuting a burger. It’s topped with taleggio cheese and pickled chili aioli, and it should be part of your order from this West Village Italian spot. The burger, along with delicious pastas and large-format cocktails, are available for pick-up and delivery between 12-10pm daily.


$$$$ 900 Fulton St.

The burger, which comes with thick-cut fries, at this Clinton Hill American spot is very good on its own, but there are a couple things you can add to make it even better. To the burger itself, opt for cheddar and a few slices of crispy bacon on top. Then, throw in a large format mezcal negroni on the side, and place your order by calling 347-763-2537 Wednesday through Sunday.

White Mana Diner

$$$$ 470 Tonnele Ave

There’s a professional sumo camp in Chiba, Japan, and we imagine that a standard order in its cafeteria might be four burgers with a side of cheese fries. It’s also a typical order at White Mana in Jersey City. That’s because the very thin smash burgers at this classic diner, which originally opened at the 1939 World’s Fair, are only a little bigger than sliders, and about as filling. They’re $1.30 each, so four of them with a side of cheese fries will cost you less than $10. You can order at the takeaway window from 8am-6pm daily.

Andrew Bui

Win Son Bakery

$$$$ 164 Graham Ave

BECs aren’t burgers, and according to the laws of gods and humans alike, they can’t go on this guide. But you should absolutely still order the raclette-covered version that comes on a milk bun from Win Son Bakery. So as to not upset any gods or humans, we should also mention that the double smash cheeseburger at this Taiwanese spot in Williamsburg is similarly fantastic, and available on the evening menu from 5-9pm Wednesday through Sunday.

Action Burger

$$$$ 292 Graham Ave

This Williamsburg American spot has one of the longest delivery menus we’ve seen, including a bunch of different sections devoted to burgers. They range from a simple burger on brioche to a bacon cheeseburger with nutella between two deep-fried waffles, and they’re all available for takeout and delivery until 11pm or later every day except Monday.

Golden Diner

$$$$ 123 Madison St

Like lots of dishes at this all-day spot in Two Bridges, the burger resembles versions you’ve had at countless other bars and diners, just tweaked to taste a whole lot better. In the case of the burger, that tweak is a lathering of delicious mushroom gochujang aioli.

Bricks & Hops Beer Garden

$$$$ 65 Bruckner Boulevard

You won’t find ketchup or mustard on the burgers at this Mott Haven beer garden, and you won’t miss them, either. That’s because the burgers here are topped with condiments like onion jam and cheddar, or sweet plantains and gandule paste, a Caribbean ingredient made from mashed peas. Order one for takeout or delivery, which is available daily until 10pm.

Noah Devereaux

Concord Hill

$$$$ 374 Graham Ave

Along with voluntarily going to the dentist and getting your own Netflix account, few things provide a sense of adulthood like setting a table for one, and topping it with nothing but a bottle of wine and a steaming hot cheeseburger. Dim your lights, maybe light a candle, and order a dry-aged cheeseburger with a bottle of wine, which are 30% off, from Concord Hill in Williamsburg.

BLVD Bistro

Southern  in  Harlem
$$$$ 239 Malcolm X Blvd

It might be tough to tell where the special sauce on the burger here ends, and the horseradish cheddar cheese begins. It also might be difficult to pick up on all seven types of cheese in this Harlem spot’s bacon mac and cheese. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Wednesday through Sunday, call 212-678-6200 for takeout, or place an order for delivery online.


$$$$ 17 West 20th Street

“I’d like the burger, followed by the 12-piece omakase” is something you’ve probably never said before. Hall is giving you the chance to change that. This Japanese spot in Flatiron offers a bunch of different wagyu burgers, including one with foie gras, as well sushi sets that range from a 10-piece box for $18 to a $150 omakase for two.


$$$$ 325 Kent Ave

It’s good that you know you want a burger. Because if you start perusing the menu at Mekelburg’s without knowing what you’re looking for, you might just end up with hot chicken, caviar-topped baked potatoes, and babka bread pudding. You should definitely order all of that, but don’t forget the dry-aged cheeseburger with tarragon mustard, too.

White Star

$$$$ 179 Warren St

Whether you like your burger as conventional as Derek or as all-over-the-place as Brennan, you’ll find what you’re looking for at White Star in Jersey City. This Jersey City bar serves more than 10 different burgers, all of which are available for delivery. No matter which one you choose, make sure to order a side of their phenomenal buffalo wings as well.

Taste of NY


$$$$ 507 E 6th St

Kimchi mayo is the golden gun of condiments - it’s a cheat code that guarantees success. Nowon understands this, and lathers it onto a juicy, charred double cheeseburger made with dry-aged steak. Order it for pickup or delivery from this East Village Korean spot, and add honey butter tater tots or chopped cheese rice cakes as a side.

Shake Shack

$$$$ 90-15 Queens Blvd Space 1069

We tend to go with a double shack with fries, but there’s no right or wrong way to go about your burger order at Shake Shack. There is, however, a wrong way to end your order, and that’s by not getting a shake.


$$$$ 145 Borinquen Pl

While a dry-aged cheeseburger from a locally-sourced American spot sounds as exciting as a first date with someone fresh out of a long-term relationship, Lighthouse always manages to set itself apart in the details. The burger comes with jalapeno mayo and onion jam, as well as a bunch of fantastic fries, all for $15. Order it for delivery with a mason jar of negronis or a $25 bottle of natural wine.

Clinton Hall

$$$$ 16 W 36th St

Clinton Hall is offering an abbreviated menu for delivery, which means that it’s only serving four types of burgers rather than the usual 10. So while you won’t be able to get the version with a fondue-stuffed bun, you can still get the double smashburger that oozes cheese and sauce (which is better anyway). You can also order growlers of beer, bottles of liquor, and board games like Operation and Jenga.

Katz's Deli

$$$$ 205 E. Houston St.

If you’ve been to Katz’s 100 times, there’s a decent chance that you’ve eaten 100 Katz’s pastrami sandwiches. That’s understandable - their pastrami is incredible - but it’s also a shame, because this LES institution serves a great burger. It’s extremely rich and fatty on its own, and doesn’t need anything besides some house pickles, which you should order on the side.

Tom's Restaurant

$$$$ 782 Washington Ave.

Tom’s is a diner, and like most diners, its menu is about as long as an Atlantic think piece. It includes an entire section of burgers that run the gamut from a standard hamburger to a “pizza burger” with mozzarella and tomato sauce. This Prospect Heights classic is best known for breakfast, which they deliver all day, so consider adding a side of pancakes to whichever burger you choose.

Sweet Science

$$$$ 135 Graham Ave

Putting pineapple on pizza may very well be sacrilegious, but that doesn’t mean you should write it off as a topping altogether. To understand why, order the Joe Louis burger from this East Williamsburg American spot, which comes topped with grilled pineapple, as well as cheese and caramelized onions. Like the Hennycoladas and everything else on the menu here, it’s available for takeout and delivery from 2-8pm Tuesday through Sunday.


$$$$ 1 Hanover Square

You might think of Harry’s as a place where people discuss bulls and bears over $125 porterhouses. That’s fair, and the $125 porterhouse is now available for delivery from this classic FiDi steakhouse. But so is the $18 sirloin burger with fries, which is excellent and usually only available at lunch.


$$$$ 521 Court St

The Ascolana olives at this all-day Italian spot in Carroll Gardens are deep-fried and stuffed with minced meats, and they’re some of our favorite drinking snacks in Brooklyn. So good things happen when you put those olives into a three-meat burger, and serve it with provolone, bacon, and caramelized onions on a pretzel bun.

Blue Collar

$$$$ 1554 Dekalb Ave

Blue Collar serves the kind of food you’d usually eat while watching someone in a white paper cap flip patties and tell stories about the old days. Now you might be watching your roommates rehearse Tik Tok videos in the living room, but you’ll still enjoy this Bushwick spot’s tater tots, chicken tenders, and thin, smashed burgers with American cheese and squishy buns.

Westville Dumbo

$$$$ 81 Washington St

All seven Westville locations are offering food and alcohol for takeout or delivery all day long. In other words, you can default to this American spot for all kinds of situations, just like you always do. That includes when you’re in the mood for a very good burger and fries.

Harlem Shake

Burgers  in  Harlem
$$$$ 100 W. 124th St.

The classic burger at Harlem Shake comes with two patties, cheese, pickles, onions, and sauce. It’s already quite a bit of food, especially for $7, but it’s only the beginning. You can customize it with toppings ranging from extra patties to jerk mayo to pickled cherry pepper and bacon relish. However far down that path you decide to go, make sure to finish your order - for pickup or delivery - with a shake.

Bonnie's Grill

$$$$ 278 5th Ave.

Deciding between the burger and buffalo wings at Bonnie’s is like choosing between Ryan Gosling in Drive and Ryan Gosling in La La Land. They’re different moods, but you generally want both. If you don’t feel like adding to the growing mound of leftovers in your fridge, just get the Bonnie’s Burger, which comes with roasted peppers and buffalo sauce.

Joy Burger Bar

$$$$ 1567 Lexington Ave

We have no idea how many potential burger permutations there are at this Upper East Side spot, but figuring it out would probably make a middle school math teacher trip over himself on the way to the chalkboard. Choosing the type of patty and how you want it cooked are simple enough, but then things get more complicated. Do you keep it simple or go with a challah bun? American or ghost pepper cheese? Wasabi aioli or spicy mango chutney? And do you add a fried egg? If all of that seems overwhelming, just go with one of their specialty burgers, which are available for takeout or delivery until 9:45pm daily.

Queens Bully

BBQ  in  Forest Hills
$$$$ 113-30 Queens Blvd

Queens Bully does meat very well. That goes for this Forest Hills spot’s slow-cooked BBQ, which is available in sandwich form on its delivery menu, and for its burgers. You can keep it simple with the classic Bully Burger, or remind yourself that you’re ordering from a BBQ spot with the Kew Burger, which is topped with house bacon and barbecue sauce.

While this place sounds like a haberdashery you’d find on your way to the Catskills, it’s just a small bar on the Upper East Side that does a few simple things really well. One of those things is mac and cheese, and another is a very thick, very juicy burger served on an english muffin. Order both - they’re available for takeout or delivery by calling the restaurant at 212-249-0069.

Bronx Drafthouse

Bar Food  in  Bronx
$$$$ 884 Gerard Ave

All burger and beer specials are worth keeping an eye on, but the $20 version at Bronx Drafthouse deserves to be watched like The Truman Show. That’s because the burger here is a perfectly portioned tower of brioche, meat, cheese, and onion jam, and the beer is your choice of two cans from their selection of mostly local breweries. It also comes with a big portion of crispy, hand-cut fries.

The Smith Lincoln Center

$$$$ 1900 Broadway

You always know what you’re going to get with The Smith, and that’s OK, because what you get is always good, and the burger is no exception. It’s a juicy bacon cheeseburger with an ideal meat-to-bun ratio that comes with a giant mound of thin, salty fries on the side. Order it for takeout or delivery with a beer for $20.


$$$$ 264 Grove Street

A burger and a beer is a classic combination, but there’s nothing to stop you from subbing out beers for a bottle of montepulciano from Australia or skin-contact pinot gris from Maryland. That’s especially true at Frankie in downtown Jersey City. Along with a very good cheeseburger topped with garlic aioli, this Australian spot is offering bottles from its natural wine list for pickup and delivery as well.


AmericanBar FoodBurgers  in  Tribeca
$$$$ 16 N. Moore St.

Walker’s is a casual neighborhood bar that people who live around Tribeca typically use as a pitstop between the office and the couch. And it still is, even if the office now doubles as the couch. The 8-ounce sirloin burger and a few select beers are available for pick-up or delivery on their website.

Toad Style

$$$$ 93 Ralph Ave

Toad Style serves three different rich, messy cheeseburgers, which sounds par for the course on this guide. But what makes this Bed-Stuy comfort food spot different is the fact that it’s 100% vegan, with mushroom and lentil patties topped with things like avocado and cashew-dill cheese.

Paul's "Da Burger Joint"

$$$$ 131 2nd Ave

Paul’s in the East Village offers more than 20 types of burgers, which range from a classic half-pounder with pickles and onions to a one topped with ham and mushrooms that resembles a deconstructed western omelette. All but two cost less than $10, and they’re available for delivery or pickup until 11pm every day.

Charlies Bar & Kitchen

$$$$ 112 Lincoln Ave

Charlie’s serves high-end bar food in Mott Haven, including a delicious bacon cheeseburger topped with a mound of caramelized onions. Get that burger and a beer for delivery or takeout for $15, or make use of some other specials they’re currently offering, like $20 margarita pitchers or half-price bottles of wine.

Clover Club

$$$$ 210 Smith St.

If you’re a burger purist, then your delivery order from Clover Club is simple - a prime beef burger cooked however you like. But if you’re in the camp that considers any meat between a bun to be a burger, then you have a tough decision to make, as this Cobble Hill spot serves a fantastic lamb burger topped with goat cheese. Either way, opt for the duck fat potato chips as your side.

Keg & Lantern Brewing Company

$$$$ 97 Nassau Ave

It doesn’t really matter if you order the burger from Keg & Lantern to help balance out all the beers you’re getting, or if you order a bunch of beers because you don’t feel like pairing a delicious burger with whatever’s in the back of your fridge. Order the half-pound burger, which comes with chipotle aioli and hand-cut fries, and a few of the nearly 20 different beers brewed on-site at this Greenpoint bar.

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