The Happiest Hour

Our favorite cocktail bars are ones that take their food at least half as seriously as their vodka. The Happiest Hour falls into this category. Absolutely a cocktail bar first, restaurant second, The Happiest Hour is one of those rare hybrid bars that’s a one-stop shop for those nights you just need to blow off some steam, hang out at the bar, and still fill your belly with something delicious.

The space has a “tiki bar at the beach with pelicans in the water” kind of vibe - it’s the kind of spot where people could wear sunglasses inside, at night, and get away with it. We’re not saying you should actually wear sunglasses inside - you definitely shouldn’t. But if you insist, The Happiest Hour is the place to do it. The folks who own this place have been involved with such heavyweights as The Pegu Club, The NoMad, and Death & Co, so those drinks have some pedigree behind them.

Speaking of strong, The Happiest Burger is a F-I-N-E bar burger. We’ll get into it below, but the burger here is worth a trip alone.

Get The Happiest Hour on your radar for your next after-work drinks occasion. For those times in your life when you just need a stiff drink and burger, The Happiest Hour is there for you.

Food Rundown

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The Happiest Burger

A double patty overflowing with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, confit onions, and special sauce, THIS IS ONE HAPPY, JUICY BURGER. Go now, eat it.


Deserving of their own food rundown listing. Skinny, crispy, salty, and magical. Worth it.

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Salt & Pepper Broccoli

A lightly fried bowl of salt & pepper broccoli with an aioli dipping sauce. Needs to be on your table.

Bonsai Chicken

Their fried chicken is a little soggy, so this one is a pass. Just order a bunch of vegetables and a burger instead.

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Kale Salad

The kale salad is shockingly delicious. Super simple, but the dressing is great, and the shredded greens are a nice, healthy complement to your burger.

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About as good as it gets. The specialty "Link Ray" and "Fall From The Tree" were among our favorites. They also make a mean Old Fashioned with rye and a delicious daiquiri with three different kinds of rum. You really can’t go wrong.

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