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Where To Take Someone You Don't Like Talking To guide image

NYC Guide

Where To Take Someone You Don't Like Talking To

When you're planning a night out with someone who excels at tedious conversation, choose one of these spots.

Mama Lupita's Bistro review image

NYC Review

Mama Lupita's Bistro

Come to Mama Lupita's Bistro in Greenwood Heights to watch a game and have amazing $2 tacos.

Versa review image

NYC Review


If you like big spaces, watching sports, and being outside, come to Versa in Midtown.

Hometown Bar-B-Que review image

NYC Review

Hometown Bar-B-Que

Welcome to the Texas-style dining hall of sacred smoked meats known as Hometown Bar-B-Que.

Lee’s Tavern review image

NYC Review

Lee’s Tavern

Lee’s Tavern is a sports bar and Staten Island pizza institution.

East Harlem Bottling Co. review image

NYC Review

East Harlem Bottling Co.

East Harlem Botting Co. is a neighborhood brunch and burger spot to hang out with friends, your kids, or a TV.

Dan And John's Wings review image

NYC Review

Dan And John's Wings

We're officially crowning Dan and John's the NYC King of Wings.

The Ribbon review image

NYC Review

The Ribbon

Finally, the kind of restaurant the Upper West Side has long been starved for. The Ribbon has style and substance and does classic food right.

J.G. Melon Downtown review image

NYC Review

J.G. Melon Downtown

A new J.G. Melon in Greenwich Village, with new owners but the same great burger. MacDougal Street just got instantly better.

Hudson Malone review image

NYC Review

Hudson Malone

Hudson Malone is a rare Midtown East pub where you can eat good food and watch sports on TV at the very same time.

Brooklyn Crab review image

NYC Review

Brooklyn Crab

Brooklyn Crab is one of the most unique outdoor dining destinations in NYC for two reasons: crabs and mini golf.

Umami Burger review image

NYC Review

Umami Burger

From sad plasticky tater tots to instantly liquifying buns, Umami Burger has failed The Infatuation time after time.

Earl’s Beer & Cheese review image

NYC Review

Earl’s Beer & Cheese

Earl’s in East Harlem serves lots of beers and lots of things with cheese. It’s also a great spot to watch sports.

Bonnie's Grill review image

NYC Review

Bonnie's Grill

Bonnie's Grill is a great neighborhood spot with a full menu of divey bar food classics. However, we still need better options for wings in the city, and Bonnie's doesn't quite make the cut.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que review image

NYC Review

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Dinosaur BBQ isn’t the best barbecue you’ll ever eat. It is, however, our kind of dining establishment.

Walker’s review image

NYC Review


Walker’s is a Tribeca landmark – a prime example of a Classic NYC Establishment, and a low key spot that attracts an older crowd who enjoy a good burger and some Sports on TV.

Wogies review image

NYC Review


We all get cravings for wings, cheesesteaks and waffle fries sometimes, and when we need to take care of that situation, Wogies is there for us.

Royale review image

NYC Review


Royale has one of the best burgers, and best outdoor patios, in the East Village.

Reservoir review image

NYC Review


Looking for a good place to post up for a night of game watching, beer drinking, and good grubbing? Reservoir is the place to do it. Underrated bar food.

Blue Smoke review image

NYC Review

Blue Smoke

A long time Infatuation favorite. Blue Smoke is still serving some of the best BBQ you can find in NYC.