Katz's Deli

We probably don’t need to tell you much about Katz’s Deli. Even if you haven’t actually eaten at this famous Jewish establishment on the Lower East Side, you’ve almost surely heard of it. (Maybe you’ve even lied about the fact that you’ve been here.) Thanks to Meg Ryan and her exemplary orgasm in When Harry Met Sally, even people in Arkansas want to go to Katz’s to have what she’s having.

What we do need to tell you is that Katz’s is still good after 130+ years on Houston Street. It remains one of the few NYC tourist spots worth anyone’s energy, partly because of the sheer spectacle of how rapidly things move in here and partly because Katz’s Jewish staples still melt us into nostalgic puddles. Order pastrami on rye and a matzoh ball soup with one big ball, and don’t lose your ticket. We repeat: Do not lose the paper ticket they hand you when you order. We can’t confirm what happens if you do lose this ticket, but we imagine it involves being yelled at by someone who is powered by pastrami and impatience.

An important note: Katz’s isn’t cash-only anymore. You can pay with a credit card if you walk to the far counter where they sell side dishes and drinks.

Food Rundown

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Pastrami Sandwich

What more do you really need on a Saturday afternoon than marbled, juicy pastrami with a swipe of sharp dijon mustard on rye? If someone really pressed us to pick pastrami favorites in this city, we’d take Pastrami Queen’s over Katz’s—but that’s not to say this thick stack of pastrami isn’t delicious. Order this, and enjoy.

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Are you aware that Katz’s makes perfect snappy hot dogs? The sandwiches at this deli will force you to take a nap, but the beef hot dogs will put some pep in your step. Clear eyes, soft buns, homemade sauerkraut, can’t lose.

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Matzoh Ball Soup

This soup tastes as comforting as it looks and will make you wonder: Who needs more than one ball?

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Load up on the half-sours. They’re made in house and are as essential as the sandwiches.

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Steak Fries

These thick fries might be soggy, or they might be crunchy. Still, we order them every time we’re at Katz’s, and you should too. Hot take: The fries are better than the cake-y latkes.

Dr. Browns Cel-Ray

If you too are obsessed with this mellow and crisp celery soda, call us.

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