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The Seattle Sushi Delivery & Takeout Guide

18 places to get some quality raw fish.

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18 Spots
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18 Spots
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Updated October 27th, 2020

Some things are harder to make at home. Sushi, for example, poses a few challenges, especially if the market around the corner from your apartment doesn’t happen to sell sushi-grade tuna. Fortunately, there are still a bunch of great takeout and delivery options all around the city. Order from one of the places on this guide, and you can show your support while also gracefully admitting that you aren’t up to the task of making your own 10-course omakase.

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Sushi Kashiba

$$$$ 86 Pine St Ste 1

The best sushi in the city is now available for takeout. From Thursday through Saturday, this spot by Pike Place Market is serving $100 omakase boxes that you can preorder and pick up. In each box, you’ll find 10 pieces of nigiri, nine pieces of sashimi, tamago, rice, and a small portion of their incredible miso black cod.


$$$$ 304 6th Ave S

Maneki is the oldest Japanese restaurant in the city, and if you don’t have a reservation, it’s almost impossible to get in before 9:30pm. But now they have online ordering for pickup, so if you still end up eating at 9:30pm, it’s your fault and nobody else’s. This spot in the International District serves some of the best sushi in town, even though they’re only selling maki rolls. Make sure to add on an order of gyoza for the full Maneki experience - they’re some of the best dumplings in town.



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Toyoda Sushi

JapaneseSushi  in  Lake City
$$$$ 12543 Lake City Way NE

Toyoda Sushi in Lake City is a great spot on the north end if you like wasabi, generously-portioned nigiri, and delicious deep-fried spicy tuna rolls. They’re offering takeout and in-house delivery from 5-8pm on Wednesday-Sunday, and you can text them at 206-383-8182 around 24 hours in advance to place an order. For more information, check out their Instagram page.


$$$$ 515 S Main St

We once overheard someone at this ID spot tell the sushi chef he was moving to Tokyo the next day, and wanted Tsukushinbo to be his last meal in Seattle. That’s how good the sushi is here. And while knocking back nigiri like popcorn at their counter is one of those special experiences that’s challenging to recreate at home, delivery from Tsukushinbo comes close. Their nigiri, from fatty tuna to buttery king salmon, is flawless - even after a bumpy car ride.


$$$$ 1400 N 45th St

All you want right now is enough raw fish to completely cover the surface of your coffee table. In that case, Musashi’s is a solid choice. They have a lot of six-piece rolls on the menu that cost around $4, plus nigiri that’s less than $3, so you can get a lot of really tasty sushi delivered to you without spending a ton.

By Tae

$$$$ 1424 11th Ave

This sushi counter in Chophouse Row has a few takeout options available, from chicken curry with rice to spam musubi. But our favorite thing about By Tae is their raw fish - they’re selling boxes of pre-made chirashi and maki rolls to go. Check their Instagram for more information.


JapaneseSushi  in  Belltown
$$$$ 2401 2nd Ave

Shiro’s new to-go menu focuses on plates featuring one type of fish, from a salmon combo (with four different types of nigiri, a roll, and roe) to a special scallop tasting, each piece topped with seasonings like plum sauce, powdered egg yolk, and sancho pepper. Every plate comes with their signature egg dessert (which is kind of like a sweet omelette), so if you close your eyes, you can imagine yourself at the sushi counter instead of just being stuck at your kitchen island. Call the restaurant at 206-443-9844 to place your order.

Kisaku Sushi

JapaneseSushi  in  Meridian
$$$$ 2101 N 55th St

Kisaku is one of the few sushi spots open for lunch right now. Almost all of their lunch specials cost less than $15, and they’re also selling bottles of sake - which would make your lunchtime conference call exponentially more interesting.

Fremont Bowl

Japanese  in  Fremont
$$$$ 4258 Fremont Ave N

Fremont Bowl serves fantastic raw fish-filled chirashi rice bowls for pickup or delivery. Their lightly-seared salmon cuts like warm butter and the smoky homemade soy sauce will forever ruin the store-bought kind. It’s like that one time Ina Garten told you to make your own chicken stock and you listened.


$$$$ 1256 Republican St

We love this South Lake Union Japanese spot for their tasty bowls of ramen and gyoza, but they also serve great sushi. Whether you’re in the mood for nigiri, spicy tuna rolls topped with seared salmon and tempura flakes, or a couple of handrolls, Teinei has you covered.



$$$$ 504 5th Ave S

Momosan in the ID is also known for ramen, as well as yakitori skewers and excellent popcorn shrimp tempura tossed in gochujang aioli. They also serve nigiri and maki, and there’s even a roll featuring said popcorn shrimp. Get that roll.


$$$$ 4725 California Ave SW

If you’re looking for sushi takeout in West Seattle, order from Mashiko. They use sustainable fish, offer a few omakase meals for two, and have plenty of nigiri available a la carte, like Hawaiian albacore with chili oil, scallop with lemon and sea salt, and seared skipjack tuna. Upgrade your meal by ordering a couple of their matcha IPAs - they’re delicious but expect your beer to be very green.

Sushi Kappo Tamura

JapaneseSushi  in  Eastlake
$$$$ 2968 Eastlake Ave E

Sushi Kappo Tamura in Eastlake sources sustainable fish as well, and serves a great selection of nigiri and specialty rolls. Get a set for $29 along with an order of squash and fried tofu miso soup, and be sure to tack on some albacore belly if they have it.

Kiriba Sushi

JapaneseSushi  in  Shoreline
$$$$ 323 N 145th St

Kiriba is our favorite sushi spot on the north end. We especially like the White Tiger roll, topped with escolar and blowtorched parmesan cheese. You’ll also find great miso soup, tempura-battered rolls stuffed with miso-marinated fish, and seared salmon toro nigiri.

Moontree Sushi And Tapas

$$$$ 516 1st Ave N

While the spicy tuna on crispy rice isn’t on Moontree’s delivery menu (we’d eat a popcorn bucket full of them on a Friday night), the rest of the sushi here is delicious as well. From perfectly-seasoned nigiri to the aforementioned spicy tuna that has an ideal amount of sesame oil and scallion blended in, this is the best spot in and around Queen Anne.

Aburiya Bento House

JapaneseSushi  in  Belltown
$$$$ 2100 Western Ave Ste B

This Belltown sushi spot specializes in seared sushi - their signature roll, filled with spicy tuna and topped with seared salmon, jalapeño, and a sweet sauce, is particularly excellent. Right now you can order for delivery through third-party apps.

Sushi Me

$$$$ 1299 156th Ave NE

The best part about Sushi Me, a casual spot in Bellevue, is grabbing California rolls and shumai from a moving conveyor belt. Getting these same things delivered instead isn’t the same, but you still can eat cajun-spiced seared salmon nigiri without having to wear pants, which might almost be just as fun. Plus, nothing on the menu costs more than $6.50.

Tsui Sushi Bar

$$$$ 6421 Latona Ave NE

Tsui Sushi Bar serves three different kinds of belly (salmon, albacore, and yellowtail), and you should order all of them - especially the salmon, covered in spicy aioli, sweet teriyaki, and fresh scallion. Even their simple tataki plates (seared sashimi with mango sauce) are excellent.

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