Sushi Kappo Tamura

Sushi Kappo Tamura is an ideal Eastlake sushi restaurant for just about any occasion in-between “I did laundry this week” and “marry me.” But to be fair, coming here “because raw fish is rad” works, too. Unlike other popular Japanese spots in town (like Kashiba, Maneki, and Shiro’s), it’s always relatively easy to grab a table here, and the quality is excellent. As a bonus, sustainability is at the forefront—so the restaurant takes particular in where they source their seafood, plus they grow fresh produce on their own rooftop garden.

It might be tempting to order the chef’s omakase for dinner, and if that’s your thing, it’s an option you’ll be happy with. But Sushi Kappo Tamura also succeeds tremendously if you go a la carte. The homegrown vegetables taste outstanding when battered in tempura, and the fish shines with few extra touches, like grill marks seared on a piece of black cod nigiri, or sliced jalapeño and golden tobiko topping the (delicious) Rising Salmon roll.

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