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Canlis review image

SEA Review


Canlis is the most upscale fine dining experience you’ll find in Seattle. Here’s what to expect.

Wa’z review image

SEA Review


Wa’z is an upscale Japanese Kaiseki restaurant in Belltown.

The Pink Door review image

SEA Review

The Pink Door

You haven't really had lasagna until it's hit your table overlooking the Puget Sound at The Pink Door.

Archipelago review image

SEA Review


Archipelago is an outstanding Filipino restaurant in Hillman City that serves a ten-course tasting menu.

Aki Kushiyaki review image

SEA Review

Aki Kushiyaki

Aki Kushiyaki is a 12-course Japanese tasting menu restaurant on Capitol Hill that specializes in meats grilled using binchōtan charcoal.

Tomo review image

SEA Review


Tomo is a White Center tasting menu experience that takes simple ingredients and turns them into outstanding dishes that we're still thinking about.

Nue review image

SEA Review


Nue is a restaurant in Capitol Hill that specializes in global street food.

Harvest Beat review image

SEA Review

Harvest Beat

Harvest Beat is an upscale vegan restaurant in Wallingford with a tasting menu and a single nightly seating.

Tarsan I Jane review image

SEA Review

Tarsan I Jane

Tarsan I Jane is a Spanish restaurant serving dinner and Sunday brunch - both of which you have to buy tickets for. Both of which are worth it.