Takai by Kashiba

This is a see-and-be-seen sushi spot where everyone is united—Microsoft VPs, influencers, and tourists who thought Bellevue was actually located in Seattle. And despite the fact that the luxe dining room feels like the setting of a Real Housewives episode, this 23-course omakase delivers the same kind of sushi mastery you would expect from the team behind Sushi Kashiba. Reservations are required, and while counter omakase is pricey and limited (they only have two seatings a day), being that close to the chef is worth it. He'll customize the amount of rice in your nigiri based on how full you are, throw in an extra piece here and there, and want to know everyone’s favorite fish, whether that’s the nine-day aged mackerel or Dungeness crab nigiri topped with crab fat miso.

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