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Sushi By Scratch Restaurants review image


Sushi By Scratch Restaurants

Sushi By Scratch is a 10-seat omakase in South Lake Union where you'll have inventive nigiri in a fun atmosphere.

Phởcific Standard Time review image


Phởcific Standard Time

If you might be interested in an exciting night out involving exceptional Vietnamese cocktails and bar snacks, Phởcific Standard Time in the Denny Triangle is the place.

King Leroy review image


King Leroy

King Leroy is an all-day cocktail spot in South Lake Union with tasty drinks and bar food that we wouldn't go out of our way for.

Shake Shack review image


Shake Shack

Shake Shack is a counter service cheeseburger institution in South Lake Union. Prepare for lines.

Casco Antiguo review image


Casco Antiguo

Casco Antiguo is a great Mexican restaurant in South Lake Union.

Cinque Terre review image


Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is an Italian restaurant in South Lake Union that serves pasta and excellent Neapolitan pizza.

Tutta Bella review image


Tutta Bella

Tutta Bella is an Italian restaurant in South Lake Union that specializes in Neapolitan pizza and pasta.

2120 review image



2120 is an upscale restaurant in Denny Triangle with an American menu and giant punch bowl cocktails.

Willmott’s Ghost review image


Willmott’s Ghost

Willmott’s Ghost is a modern Italian spot in South Lake Union that works well for a business lunch.

Deep Dive review image


Deep Dive

Deep Dive is an underwater-themed bar in South Lake Union that has excellent cocktails and fancy small plates.

Fulcrum Coffee review image


Fulcrum Coffee

Fulcrum is a coffee shop in South Lake Union that serves interesting lattes.

Bounty Kitchen review image


Bounty Kitchen

Bounty Kitchen is an all-day brunch spot in South Lake Union.

Spike And Steam Bar review image


Spike And Steam Bar

Spike And Steam is a beer bar located inside the South Lake Union Whole Foods.

Nana’s Green Tea review image


Nana’s Green Tea

Nana's Green Tea is a bakery and cafe in the Denny Triangle that serves matcha-flavored ice cream and pastries.

G.H. Pasta Co. review image


G.H. Pasta Co.

G.H. Pasta Co. is an excellent Denny Triangle Italian lunchtime spot that serves inexpensive bowls of delicious pasta.

Princi review image



Princi is an Italian bakery in South Lake Union that serves baked goods and square pizza by the slice.

Vinason Pho And Grill review image


Vinason Pho And Grill

Vinason is a fast-casual Vietnamese spot in South Lake Union that serves really good banh mi sandwiches.

The Butcher’s Table review image


The Butcher’s Table

The Butcher’s Table is a steakhouse in South Lake Union that’s perfect for a special occasion lunch or dinner.

Phở Viet Anh review image


Phở Viet Anh

Phở Viet Anh is an institution for Vietnamese food. You'll find us at their newest Denny Triangle location with our heads hanging over a bowl of spicy phở.

Lady Yum review image


Lady Yum

Lady Yum is part macaron bakery, part sparkling wine bar in the Denny Triangle. Be prepared for a lot of pink in here.