The Best Delivery To Get For The Seahawks Game

What to eat while watching professional athletes play sports without an audience.

Football looks a little different right now. You can’t have a ton of friends over, each game might be the last of the season, and then there’s the existential dread that comes with hearing artificially-edited cheers in a completely empty stadium. But two things remain the same: Pete Carroll is still chewing lots of gum on live TV, and you don’t have to skip out on delicious Seahawks-watching snacks. Whether you’re in the mood for sub sandwiches, pizza, BBQ, or spicy tuna rolls, these 14 excellent spots across the city will deliver. Both metaphorically and literally.

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The Spots

Due to the bridge closure, if you live in West Seattle, your delivery options are mostly limited to...restaurants in West Seattle. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing, especially if you order a few pizzas from Supreme. They specialize in both New York and Detroit-style pies, and the topping combinations are delicious - from spicy coppa, ricotta, and Carolina reaper chile to homemade meatballs and bacon. No matter what, add an order (or three) of their incredible scallion garlic knots with cheese sauce.

This Japanese restaurant in Queen Anne is our favorite spot for a casual sushi delivery meal, and they happen to have some of the best spicy tuna in town. Get some in maki roll form, but don’t miss it also topped on salty crispy rice as an appetizer, alongside cornstarch-skirted pork gyoza, chicken karaage, and fried cauliflower with truffle aioli. It’s hard to be too upset about interceptions and questionable pass interference calls when truffles are involved.

Being able to eat a rack of ribs in the privacy of your own living room while watching sports makes this whole no-friends-over situation not as bad. Plus, no wait for the sink to wash your hands after. With that in mind, we strongly recommend Wood Shop. Not only are their ribs fantastic, but so is their brisket, kale Caesar, and smoked jalapeño mac and cheese. Order a full spread, or just a loaded mac bowl topped with pulled pork.

We would go to great lengths for a sub from Tubs. Thankfully, we don’t have to since their delivery range is quite large - as long as you live in Seattle, there’s a good chance you can get a delicious sandwich on buttery bread transported to your door. The toppings include reliable deli combinations like chicken, cheddar, and bacon or ham, salami, and provolone, but sometimes you’ll see fun surprises with their sandwiches like “BBQ dust” and cups of ranch for dunking.

Getting tacos delivered can be tricky when juicy fillings can soak through tortillas in no time, but that’ll never happen with an order from D’ La Santa. Not just because their incredible crispy garlic butter shrimp tacos have a layer of melted cheese keeping the corn shells intact, but also because if you’re not into shrimp, you can order a $36 DIY “tacoarte” platter complete with carne asada, cochinita pibil, pastor, pollo asado, refried beans, and a stack of tortillas to assemble yourself. Add on some dips like cotija guacamole and queso fundido, and you’re more than ready to scream “I love you Russell!” on your TV screen.

We’re not the only ones who love Fat’s, which means sometimes they’re too busy to deliver (be sure to check their website before you order). But if you want your football feast to be in the form of crispy battered chicken, waffles with Hennessy butter, pimento cheese poutine, and fried seafood sandwiches, there’s no better place to order from. And since they’re open for weekend brunch and dinner, it’s a great option to get whether the game’s on at 10am or 5pm.

As far as deep dish pizza’s concerned, there’s no need to spend your money anywhere but Windy City Pie - if only for the candied bacon alone. These Chicago-style pies have a crispy caramelized cheese crust, delicious toppings, and pickled giardiniera to cut through all the mozzarella and cured meats. You don’t have to worry about slices that get floppy in transit, and the pizza makes great leftovers the next day, too. If anyone you live with is a Bears fan, this is a good way to settle your differences and compromise.

One thing we don’t miss about being at CenturyLink Field: dealing with 20-minute-long lines for a single grilled sausage. From the comfort of your own sofa, you can order some brats from this German beer hall for delivery instead, along with giant pretzels dipped in beer cheese fondue, schnitzel, wings, and goulash. It’s a bit sad to not also be drinking glass boots of beer, but if you’re really feeling nostalgic (and more than a little bold), you could technically use rain boots from your closet. They’re waterproof!

Watching football inside on a cold fall Sunday can be a very comforting experience. If you want to double down on that coziness, a meal from Sisi Kay is a must. We love this Wallingford Thai spot for their panang chicken and black pepper fried rice, but the only thing that can truly amplify curling up under a blanket as the Seahawks win in another blowout is a bowl of their roasted duck curry. With crispy skin, tender meat, and a phenomenal spicy coconut sauce made with apples, lychee, and pineapple, this thing might be more impressive than the season Russell’s having. Sorry, but we mean it.

King Philly on Beacon Hill serves the most takeout-friendly and delicious cheesesteaks we’ve had yet - so it comes in handy if we’re playing the Eagles. The beef’s seasoned well, the salty American cheese sauce becomes one with the meat without soaking into the Amoroso roll too much, and they even have a great vegan version filled with fried Beyond crumbles and creamy non-dairy cheese. Always add an order of crunchy fries with sriracha ranch and the chicken Philly egg rolls with sweet chili sauce (if you do eat meat).

The act of hanging out at a brewery and watching the game may be temporarily suspended, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the same pub food at home. That’s where Perihelion comes in. This Beacon Hill spot is our favorite bar food spot in Seattle for soft pretzels, fries with bone marrow aioli, six-cheese rigatoni, chili con carne, and one of the greatest burgers in the city. There are always exciting specials to try too, from seared tuna steak sandwiches to apple cider donuts.

Dipping sauces are the best part about eating wings. If you don’t agree with us, you clearly haven’t tried Bok A Bok Bok. This spot in White Center (with more locations in the U-District, Capitol Hill, and Burien) serves excellent homemade herby ranch, sesame soy garlic, umami BBQ, and a citrusy hot sauce that are all ideal for complimenting a pile of their shatteringly-crunchy Korean-fried chicken. Get the tenders or the wings over sandwiches, which can get soggy in transit, and add on sides like biscuits, kimchi mac and cheese shells, and spiced tater tots to round everything out.

South Town Pie is a place that we admire for putting things on pizza like pastrami with pickles and gruyere fondue, or wild boar ragu with fried sage and Funyuns. This South Park pizzeria is perfect if you live in the South End and want a few excellent New York-style pies alongside some crusty pecorino cheesy bread and meatballs with marinara delivered.

During the pandemic, this Korean BBQ spot on Pike started a takeout operation with plenty of food perfect to eat while you watch the game. Their chili caramel wings is one of the best chicken dishes in Seattle, and you can also order crispy seafood pancakes, fried gochujang rice cakes, and a bulgogi double wagyu burger with caramelized onions.

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