There are powerful forces at play in this world. Like gravity, Oprah, and pizza. Which is what keeps pulling us back to South Town Pie - an excellent full-service restaurant in South Park that serves New York-style pizza that we would go out of our way for.

There are classic pies here that keep things simple with a perfect sauce-to-cheese ratio, a sturdy, thin crust that’s the ideal hybrid between chewy and crispy, and toppings like crumbled sausage or pepperoni. There are pizzas that get just a little wild with meatballs, dollops of pesto, and ricotta. But then, there’s a ragtag lineup of misfit pies that would normally be denied entry to a pizza party because they sound disgusting. And these are the pies you should be ordering.

The ones we’re talking about include a breakfast pizza with country gravy and runny eggs, or the pastrami pie with gruyere fondue and pickles. South Town’s red-sauce slices are also delicious - but the pie covered in deconstructed deli sandwiches is what we were thinking about three days later. It would be nice if more slice places swapped out tomato sauce for liquid cheese and sprinkled everything bagel seasoning on their crust.

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Seattle has no shortage of spots where you can sit at the bar with a slice and a cold beer, or pop in with your family and split a pie, but South Town is operating on an entirely different level. You can use it for pretty much any situation requiring pizza, but the best way to do this place is to come with hungry people and make your way through several rounds of cocktails and slices. The invite’s open, Oprah.

Food Rundown

Pastrami Pie

If you’re only going to get one pizza here, this is it. The crust is sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning and layered with gruyere fondue instead of sauce, pastrami, pickles, and caramelized onions. It’s also surprisingly light.

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Watermelon & Feta Salad

This gets the job done if you want a bowl of health. The watermelon is great with the feta, and raw red onion/ pine nut combo adds a sharp tang that brings it all together.

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This is kind of a small serving, but the meat is very well-seasoned and the sauce has a nice kick. We advise enhancing it generously with the grated parmesan from the table.

Cheese Pizza

This is an excellent, reliable slice of plain pizza. It has the right amount of sauce, a crispy but still chewy crust, a tasty blend of cheeses (mozzarella, pecorino romano, parmesan, and provolone), and some basil to keep things fresh. Order this if you’re a purist.

The Animal

Picture a typical meat-lovers pizza: pepperoni, soppressata, and sausage. Now picture it tasting way better than typical. That’s The Animal.

Breakfast Pizza

This is one of the special “unicorn” pies that is only sometimes available. On paper, you shouldn’t want to eat this. Instead of sauce, there’s country gravy, and it’s topped with breakfast sausage, peppers, bacon, cheese, and a fried egg. It’s a mess, and it’s fcking delicious.

Meatball & Pesto Pizza

Another unicorn pizza - this one has crumbled meatball, tomato sauce, and dollops of pesto and ricotta. Excellent, and very much worth your time and stomach real estate.

Sausage Pizza

Same deal as the cheese pizza, but without basil and with some flavorful sausage. Dip it in ranch and have a nice day.

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