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4521 California Ave SW, Seattle
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Every coming-of-age sitcom has an episode about “fitting in.” The main character does everything possible to be a carbon copy of the other popular kids at school, something goes wrong, and they ultimately learn the hard way that it’s better to just be yourself. Then some inspirational music swells and they hug Bob Saget.

Same with pizza places in Seattle. It seems like a lot of restaurants are trying to do whatever they think people in Brooklyn are currently doing, with mixed results. Not Supreme, a West Seattle spot from the people behind Ma’ono Fried Chicken and New Luck Toy. This bar and pizzeria is doing its own thing, just like Stephanie Tanner, and it’s working out really well.

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Sure, it’s definitely inspired at least a little bit by New York spots. The pies have a thin crust that’s charred, dry, and crispy on the bottom, but still chewy. There are excellent garlic knots with a sticky black pepper alfredo sauce for dipping, and a great caesar salad. But they’re not afraid to be themselves when it comes to specialty pies, like one with ricotta, ham, and ghost chili/Carolina Reaper powder. In case you didn’t know, the Carolina Reaper is the hottest chili pepper in the world - something to keep in mind when you order. There’s also The Ono, a pizza with fried chicken, scallions, kimchi, and American cheese, which turns out to be the best pizza in the building. It’s a prime example of why we like Supreme - they’re not afraid to do something different.

Even if you’re not looking for a full meal, this is a fun place to come with friends for a few cocktails and some knots on the side. That said, we’d advise you to stay away from the single slices - the pies here overall are just better. It’s dark inside, so know that this isn’t your new Settlers of Catan spot, although there are arcade games in the back room if you get bored. And while all of the drinks are worth your time, you should really be focusing on the spiked slushies, like the boozy creamsicle or frozen root beer float. Especially if you decide to go for that Carolina Reaper powder pie.

So while the other kids are at the popular pizza spots trying to be exactly like everyone else, come to Supreme, drink a frozen cocktail, and be the weird-but-awesome American cheese pie you wish to see in the world.

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Food Rundown

Supreme review image

Caesar Salad

A good caesar with crunchy croutons, plenty of freshly grated parmesan, and more of a vinaigrette than a thick dressing. It’s heavy on the anchovy, but a lighter break from traditional caesars, and a great thing to start with before tearing into some pizza.

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Scallion Garlic Knots

We’d happily eat our way out of a ball pit filled with these. They’re topped with scallions, and come with two sauces - marinara and an addicting alfredo sauce with black pepper.

Lemon Pepper Wings

We could do without these wings. Though the meat is tender and we like the citrusy coating, the skin is soggy and the whole situation just makes us want to yawn. Skip.

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Double Cheese Pizza

Topped with aged and whole milk mozzarella, tomato sauce, fresh basil, and garlic. Raw garlic on pizzas doesn’t always turn out well, but in this case, it’s subtle enough that we like it. Not to mention that the easily-foldable crust is perfectly charred and mostly crispy on the bottom, but still chewy. A solid pie.

Broken Meatball Pie

This is the double cheese pizza plus some parmesan and crumbled homemade meatballs. Another thing you’ll be pretty happy with.

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The Ono

Yes, we know this is a standard tomato-sauce-and-mozzarella pizza topped with fried chicken, scallions, kimchi, and... American cheese. While it may sound like something a small child slapped together with Kraft singles and dinosaur chicken nuggets, this really is the best pie here. It tastes like an Asian spin on a chicken parm slice, and we’re extremely impressed by how delicious it is. It goes great with ranch, too.

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Oh, You’re Sooo Hawaiian

There are some pies in this city topped with pineapple and jalapeno and pork that get us really excited, but unfortunately, this isn’t one of them. The pieces of pineapple are tiny, the jalapenos are few and far between, and the huge pieces of Portuguese sausage are too clunky. While we’re at it, the casing is tough, too.

The Reaper

If you spend a lot of your time collecting hot sauces or ruining your esophagus doing spicy wing challenges, this pizza’s for you. It’s a red pie covered in mozzarella, ricotta, and coppa ham - plus ghost chili powder and Carolina Reaper powder. It’s very, very spicy. Have fun, but proceed with caution.

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