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Tubs Gourmet Sub Sandwiches

Sandwiches in Lake City

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  • Casual Weeknight Dinner
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  • Lunch
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  • Serious Take-Out Operation

If we lived in an alternate universe where subs were the only food left on earth, we’d probably choose to eat at Tubs for every meal. Here, you’ll find 36 different types of sandwiches on anatomically perfect baguettes, with fillings ranging from an excellent cross between a Philly-style cheesesteak and a French Dip to the Chicken Amiga, a toasty sliced chicken sandwich with cheddar, bacon, a shake of barbecue spice that you'd typically find on potato chips, Tapatio, and a cup of outrageously delicious ranch for dunking. It's a masterpiece. Anything involving this ranch or their mildly garlicky aioli is going to be phenomenal, and if you want something sweet, they serve homemade chocolate chip cookies and the occasional rice crispy treat made with Froot Loops.

Tubs Gourmet Sub Sandwiches review image

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