Rhein Haus

Rhein Haus is located in a huge space that’s packed to the brim with long wooden tables, bratwurst, and college students. If you can get past the fact that the line to the bathroom may take longer than a sitcom episode, and that most of the people here are basically children, swing by and slurp liters of German lager served in glass boots. You can also eat things like schnitzel sliders, one of the best kale salads in town, and comically large pretzels with tasty beer cheese, all while paying 10 dollars an hour to play bocce extremely competitively until your friends hate each other.

We love Rhein Haus best in the warmer months, when slushie machines are spinning with frozen rosé, and the shaded outdoor bocce court is first come, first served (in contrast to the indoor courts that are available by reservation only), and slushie machines are spinning with frozen rosé. You might have to share the space with some bees, but oversized sausages make excellent insect-swatters.

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photo credit: Rhein Haus

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