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Rainier BBQ & Restaurant review image

SEA Review

Rainier BBQ & Restaurant

Rainier BBQ & Restaurant is a Vietnamese spot in Rainier Valley with a long menu that's great for groups.

Creamy Cone Cafe review image

SEA Review

Creamy Cone Cafe

Creamy Cone Cafe is a scoop shop in Rainer Beach with friendly staff and incredible lemon raspberry cheesecake ice cream.

King Philly Cheesesteaks review image

SEA Review

King Philly Cheesesteaks

King Philly is a counter spot in Rainier Valley that serves tasty cheesesteaks of all types, from beef to plant-based. Get the spicy chicken.

Laina’s Handcrafted Ice Cream review image

SEA Review

Laina’s Handcrafted Ice Cream

Get the dairy-free, ube flavor from Laina’s, an ice cream shop in Rainier Valley.

Pizzeria Pulcinella review image

SEA Review

Pizzeria Pulcinella

Pizzeria Pulcinella is an Italian restaurant in Rainier Beach that serves Neapolitan pizza and pasta.

Huong Duong Sunflower review image

SEA Review

Huong Duong Sunflower

Huong Duong is a standby for Vietnamese and Thai food in a Rainier Valley strip mall.