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27 Excellent Spots For Weekday Breakfasts

Where to eat a weekday breakfast that’s better than cereal.

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Looking for breakfast takeout and delivery during the coronavirus crisis? Check out "When You're Sick Of Eating Cereal For Breakfast" section our guide here.

Weekday mornings in Seattle can be painful. Most of the time, the sun wakes up later than you do, it’s wet and gray, rush hour traffic sucks, and the only shred of joy in your daily routine comes from a morning latte before you descend into spreadsheets, emails, and meetings about how often you have meetings.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Going out to a real breakfast will, at the very least, improve your morning - and if you meet a client or colleague before you get to the office, you could even pass it off as productive. Here are the 27 best places for a weekday morning breakfast in Seattle, all of which are worth getting up a little earlier for.


Porkchop & Co.

American  in  Ballard
$$$$ 5451 Leary Ave NW

Opens at 9am

Porkchop & Co. does the best brunch in the city, but on the weekends, it’s a chaotic sardine tin in here. Weekday mornings are much more relaxed, so you won’t need to worry about a wait. This can be a quick meal, since there’s counter service, but if you have time, hang out for a while with your porchetta benedict or shakshuka. They don’t open until 9am, so this is is the perfect spot to bring an out-of-towner when you have the day off, or are pretending to be sick.

North Star Diner & Shanghai Room

AmericanDiner  in  Greenwood
$$$$ 8700 Greenwood Ave N

Open 24 hours

North Star Diner & Shanghai Room is the coolest diner in the city. It’s open 24 hours a day, and has gold glittery booth cushions as well as an entire wall dedicated to framed portraits of real astronauts. Most importantly, their food - like the eggs benedict over corned beef and crispy hash browns with rye toast (AKA a deconstructed breakfast reuben) is great. Come back to the neighborhood after work and go to the bar next door, which has karaoke five days a week as well as the full diner menu - because pancakes taste just as good at midnight.

B-Side Foods

$$$$ 421 E Thomas St

Opens at 7am

B-Side is one of those places that you’ll kick yourself for not getting to sooner. It’s a tiny little cafe on a Capitol Hill street corner with a handful of tables, a bright interior, and really delicious breakfasts. Come here for excellent egg sandwiches with Beecher’s cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and pickled daikon, or thick toast topped with peanut butter labneh, concord grape compote, and banana crumble. Pick something up to-go before work or stay a while and fill your people-watching quota for the week.

Mt. Bagel isn’t a physical place. It’s an online operation where you place an order on their website, and then a mysterious man comes to your home and drops off a brown paper sack full of the greatest bagels this state has ever seen. The options are pretty standard but reliably great, from a garlicky everything to sharp cheddar, and there are even homemade cream cheese schmears, too (get the spicy scallion). The whole thing’s like getting a visit from the tooth fairy, except you’re the one giving the money, and nobody has to exchange teeth. The website only opens up one month at a time, only delivers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and they sell out very fast. So check often and plan in advance.

Seattle Biscuit Company

AmericanBrunchSouthern  in  Fremont
$$$$ 4001 Leary Way NW

Opens at 7am

Food-wise, everything here revolves around biscuits, and the good news is that the biscuits are really, really good. You’ll find a lineup of fun biscuit sandwiches with fillings like fried chicken and sweet onion mustard or peanut butter and homemade berry jam, but you could also order plain biscuits and gravy. And if it’s a Wednesday morning and you just want a Bloody Mary instead of coffee, they have those too.


$$$$ 1519 14th Ave Seattle

Opens at 10am

Nue doesn’t open until 10am, but as long as it’s your first meal of the day, it counts as breakfast. They serve dishes from pretty much every corner of the world, which is convenient if you want coconut-pineapple cornbread, Filipino pork tocino with fried eggs, Israeli shakshuka, or a giant tower of spicy chicken wings. The communal tables make things easy if you’re trying to have a low-key meeting with a few coworkers, or need to meet your ukulele quintet before work.

Anchorhead Coffee Co.

$$$$ 1600 7th Ave Ste 105

Opens at 6:30am

If you work downtown, there are very few options that don’t involve Starbucks, a sad corner market pastry, or sneaking into a hotel lobby to steal a continental breakfast. One of those options is Anchorhead. It’s technically a coffee shop, but if you’re in a hurry, you could sit down here with a mini banana bread loaf, biscuit sandwich, or the quite majestic “quaffle,” which is part-cinnamon roll, part-croissant, and part-waffle. Wash it all down with a pistachio milk matcha latte.

Verve Bowls

$$$$ 715 E Pine St.

Opens at 8am

You endured the physical and mental pain of a 7am spin class because you heard that endorphins are good for you. Verve Bowls, in Capitol Hill, is the breakfast you need to refuel. It’s a little smoothie shop and acai bowl place in the courtyard of an apartment complex, and it’s not much on the inside, but you’re not really here to hang out. You’re here to grab a quick bowl or an even quicker smoothie. When the weather’s nice, sit in the courtyard for a few minutes and pretend you’re in SoCal.

Meet The Moon

American  in  Leschi
$$$$ 120 Lakeside Ave

Opens at 8am

Meet The Moon is a nice spot on the water in Leschi. If you have time for a full hot breakfast, sit at the bar and get the biscuits and maple chicken sausage gravy, a carne asada breakfast skillet, or avocado toast with lots of toppings. Wash it all down with some on-tap kombucha. If you’re in more of a hurry, housemade baked goods from the pastry case aren’t a bad idea.

The Fat Hen

$$$$ 1418 NW 70th St

Opens at 8am

The Fat Hen is a tiny cafe with very good food, which naturally means it’s packed on Saturday and Sunday mornings. During the week, though, it’s actually pretty easy to get a table and eat some homemade scones and/or a baked margherita egg skillet with tomato, fresh mozzarella, and basil. And it’s an ideal spot to set up camp with your laptop if you have some work to take care of.

Konvene Coffee

$$$$ 500 Mercer St

Opens at 7am

This coffee shop is located on the second floor of a Queen Anne QFC, but it’s one of our favorite places to grab a quick coffee and bite. Especially because they serve an excellent breakfast sandwich with bacon, egg, aioli, and Beecher’s on a big brioche bun. If you already packed a sandwich for lunch and have a personal one-sandwich-per-day policy, Konvene also serves avocado toast, breakfast burritos, and pastries.

Oddfellows Cafe & Bar

$$$$ 1525 10th Ave

Opens at 8am

No, you didn’t just step through a rip in the universe and end up in a European street market, but it’s easy to see why you’d think that at Oddfellows. This place has exposed brick, a wine shop, and a bistro-style patio outside. The ambience is classy, so it’s great for meeting a client or colleague over avocado toast, homemade biscuits with raspberry jam, and/or the best cheesy soft-scrambled eggs in the entire city. The rest of the to-go pastry selection is also a home run.

Madison Kitchen

$$$$ 4122 E Madison St

Opens at 8am

Madison Kitchen is the perfect neighborhood cafe: everyone knows each other, there’s a big glass case with lots of salads and other delicious things on display, and they even do fancy Thanksgiving catering. You’re coming here for a quick quiche, frittata, housemade pastry, or breakfast sandwich with crispy bacon and incredible basil aioli. But while we’re on the subject of Thanksgiving, you’re going to want to leave with the Madison Street Special (smoked turkey, white cheddar, apples, basil aioli, cranberry sauce, and arugula on cider wheat bread) to eat for lunch later.

Dahlia Bakery

$$$$ 2001 4th Ave

Opens at 7:30am

Unless you’re here in the summertime, when they have a few bistro tables outside, this place only works for a quick, to-go meal. But the breakfast sandwiches are many times better than anything you’ll get at a coffee chain: they’re made on homemade English muffins, and have interesting combinations like fried egg, bacon, pepper jack, poblano aioli, and arugula. Don’t forget a triple coconut cream pie bite for dessert.

Volunteer Park Cafe

$$$$ 1501 17th Ave E

Opens at 7am, closed Mondays

You’re going to need some very good luck to get a seat among the shrieking toddlers and North Capitol Hill soccer moms here on a weekend morning. During the week, though, this place is actually pretty calm, and a perfect neighborhood spot for a homemade muffin or egg and gruyere panini. Enjoy the fancy-general-store atmosphere while you eat, and then make plans to come back for the even better dinner food.


$$$$ 110 Boren Ave S

Opens at 7am

You’re running late - but not so late that you want to skip breakfast altogether. Do the drive-thru at Jucivana, a little shack the color of a carrot that should be your go-to for three reasons. One, the juices are all delicious, whether you go for something green or something chocolatey. Two, they’re very substantial. And three, most of them are under $6. If pastries and espresso are more your style, you can get those here, too.

Bakery Nouveau

$$$$ 1435 E John St

Opens at 6am

That semester abroad in Paris made you a croissant snob, so you’ll be happy to know that Bakery Nouveau, a French spot in Capitol Hill, has the best in the city. You can’t go wrong with a plain one, but the double-baked almond version (complete with powdered sugar that’s guaranteed to get all over your work clothes) is legendary, and the more savory options, like ham and cheese, braised brisket and cheddar, or smoked salmon and cream cheese, do not disappoint.

The London Plane

$$$$ 300 Occidental Ave S

Opens at 8am

When it’s necessary to act like a professional human being before you get to the office - or have a meal with your parents who are visiting from out of town - this is the place. The setting, with a huge white bar, shelves of vases and books, and an indoor balcony, is highly attractive, and food-wise, there’s a good mix of options like labneh toast, yogurt bowls, and egg sandwiches with harissa. It’s also a market, wine store, espresso bar, bakery, and boutique flower shop, so you can get all your bougie errands done on the way out.

Skillet Diner

$$$$ 1400 E Union St

Opens at 7am

Cinnamon rolls larger than your head, iced mochas in mason jars, and upscale breakfast options like cornmeal waffles with maple-braised pork belly. Any or all of these things can be yours at Skillet, which is what we imagine an old-school diner with an HGTV makeover would look like.

Jars Juicing Company

$$$$ 1099 Stewart St

Opens at 7am

This is exactly the kind of juice bar you’d expect to find in Amazon territory. Not only do they have 46 smoothie, juice, and acai bowl options to choose from (plus avocado toasts), but you can also customize your drink using a touch-screen computer. It kind of sounds like an organizational disaster waiting to happen, but they actually pull it off. The space has that apartment-complex-lounge feel that’s so common in South Lake Union, and there’s another cafe right next to the juice bar doing sandwiches, in case you want to stay for lunch.

Vif Wine and Coffee

$$$$ 4401 Fremont Ave N

Opens at 7am

You may have tried this place for wine and light bites during the afternoon or evening, but its breakfast is also worth your time. The menu has things like smoked trout tartines and bread pudding French toast - and parking in the lot outside is free, so it’s an easy stop on your commute.


$$$$ 1621 E Olive Way

Opens at 7am

When it comes to greasy spoon diners, Glo’s is the best in Seattle. Whatever you order - poached eggs with perfect hash browns, a stack of pancakes, or a loaded Belgian waffle - it’s going to be great, and you won’t have the exhausting line that you’d encounter (and eventually give up on) at brunch on a weekend. Don’t leave without a piece of their homemade sour cream coffee cake.

Opens at 7am

When you need donuts for breakfast, you might as well have the best. Go to General Porpoise, probably the most charming coffee shop in the city, where the coffee comes out of a hot pink espresso machine and the donuts will blow your mind. The vanilla-custard-filled ones are our favorites, but the chocolate-marshmallow-filled and lemon-curd-filled ones are also excellent, and you shouldn’t ignore any seasonal specials. Bring some in for your coworkers if you want good office karma for at least a month.


$$$$ 4754 University Way NE

Opens at 8am

If you’re in the University District early enough, you’re probably either a student, professor, or you know about the excellent biscuits at Morsel. This little counter spot serves their huge biscuits with spreads like strawberry balsamic jam or chocolate hazelnut butter, but also in sandwich form - the best is the Spanish Fly, which has a fried egg, prosciutto, manchego, arugula, and pickled pepper aioli. These travel well if you’re in a hurry, but you should really sit down and eat your biscuit with a salted-caramel latte.

Empire Espresso

$$$$ 3829 S Edmunds St

Opens at 6am

We are very big fans of Empire Espresso’s made-to-order Belgian waffles, whether they’re topped with lime and powdered sugar or Nutella and sliced bananas. We always encourage ordering one of these and a homemade cashew milk latte at this Columbia City coffee shop. But as great as the waffles taste, it’s hard to overlook the best thing here - the vegan breakfast panini. This excellent toasted focaccia sandwich is filled with Field Roast meatless sausage, cayenne “cheese” made from fermented tofu, and pesto. Come to Empire if you’re trying to get some work done but you also need to eat something substantial in the morning.

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