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Porkchop & Co.


5451 Leary Ave NW, Seattle
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Getting brunch can suck. The waits, the crowds, and the crapshoot that comes with the consistency of your scrambled eggs. It’s the one meal we actually think makes a lot more sense to enjoy at your apartment. You can wear fuzzy socks, spin your own vinyls, throw a batch of cinnamon rolls in the oven, pop the Cook’s and Tropicana, and suddenly it’s Sunday Funday. But sometimes, your dehydrated morning-after self can’t even deal with the sonic boom the Pillsbury can makes when it snaps open, and it’s time to give up and go out to eat. Preferably somewhere really good.

When that time comes, Porkchop & Co. is where you go. It’s the brunch that you cannot possibly pull off at home while hungover and in your underwear.

The vibe isn’t exactly screaming “Instagram a bathroom selfie,” but it does have a cool neighborhood feel. The food is really what you’re here for. Everything is sourced locally or made from scratch, and the brunch dishes range from porchetta benedict to pork belly hash to breakfast bowls with braised citrus pork. As you might be sensing, pig is a theme here.

Porkchop & Co. review image

But whatever you order, make sure the poached eggs make it to your plate. Much like you in your bathtub sipping Pedialyte after a night out, they’re slow-cooked in warm water for an hour. That might sound like nothing to you, but eating hour-cooked eggs is a special experience. More special than your hour-long bath.

Porkchop & Co. accepts reservations for six or more only, so it’s way better to book a table in advance and spend the week rounding up your crew than it is to wait with one other person when you show up. After all, time is always of the essence when you decide to put on pants while hungover. And Porkchop & Co. is always worth wearing pants for.

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Food Rundown

The Poached Eggs

If you order your eggs scrambled here, get out. The poached eggs deserve their own spotlight, because they’re slowly cooked for an hour in a 65-degree temperature-controlled water bath. The result is a yolk that is a few textural degrees away from creme brulee filling. Think you can do that on your stove in your studio? Think again.

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Breakfast Bowl With Citrus Pork

The breakfast bowl is a great, not-too-heavy way to enjoy everything that Porkchop & Co. has to offer. It starts with creamy grits, roasted kale, and two poached eggs, and then you can mix and match different toppings like roasted cauliflower or chorizo. Add the braised citrus pork and party on.

Porchetta Benedict

Good lord. This is our favorite dish here. Housemade porchetta, garlic-roasted kale, poached eggs, and porchetta hollandaise (which tastes like egg yolks cut with pork fat) on top of a toasted biscuit. Eat it all and don’t even bother with the little cabbage slaw that comes on the side. More porchetta please.

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Spiced tomato sauce with kale, feta, poached eggs, and two huge slabs of rustic-looking toast. If you like shakshouka, you will love this. The sauce is seasoned perfectly and the feta adds some nice saltiness. Ration your toast-swiping wisely so that you’re not left with extra tomatoes or lonely bread.

Porkchop & Co. review image

Pork Belly Hash

Most of the brunch items here are covered with sauces, so the hash is a good option if you like potatoes and want to keep things on the drier side. It’s not a showstopper, but it’ll do the trick.

Porkchop & Co. review image

Butter And Jam Biscuit

You’re an adult and nobody can tell you that ordering dessert after breakfast is not allowed. It’s encouraged. This biscuit is incredible - flaky, warm, and with a good crunchy top. One is perfect split between two people, or four if you just want one bite. Hint: you do not want just one bite.

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