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Dahlia Bakery

Bakery/Cafe in Belltown

    Perfect for
  • Breakfast
  • Coffee & A Light Bite
  • Quick Eats

Dahlia Bakery is not the best bakery in Seattle (that would be Bakery Nouveau). But, they do have a huge pastry selection, and very good breakfast sandwiches with interesting combinations like egg, ham, arugula, pepperjack, and jalapeno aioli on housemade english muffins. (These english muffins really don’t taste like english muffins, like at all, but it’s a great breakfast sandwich so we’re fine with it.) There are literally four seats in the entire operation, and they’re outside, so take your sandwiches (and a couple coconut cream pie bites) to-go and find a curb to eat them on.

Dahlia Bakery review image

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