Burrito Express

Burrito Express is the best thing to happen to a parking lot since the parking lot was first invented. This spot on South Cloverdale in South Park exclusively serves Mexican breakfast from 7am-11am, and we’re huge fans. The tortillas are tightly wrapped like a swaddled newborn baby, the eggs have pristine curds without being overcooked or runny, and their salsas (get the smoky) have a tremendous acidity-to-spice ratio. You’re in great hands with anything involving their tangy chorizo, but the best burrito on the truck is their Sauced Pig, complete with pork bits simmered in salsa verde, perfectly-salted creamy pinto beans, tiny fried potato cubes, and the option to add cheese (do it). While they’re preparing your order, run across the street for a latte at Resistencia.

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