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Saint Bread

Bakery/Cafe in University District

    Perfect for
  • Breakfast
  • Brunch
  • Kids
  • Quick Eats
  • Serious Take-Out Operation

Stumble across Saint Bread and you might think that you’ve been zapped via enchanted portal to a rustic boathouse with stained glass windows in a remote waterfront village. Only instead of buoys and barnacles, this little shed is filled with sandwiches and pastries ideal for a lazy Saturday breakfast—and you’re really just on the University District side of Portage Bay.

You’ll find things like our favorite avocado toast in town, made better than the rest by a heavy sprinkling of za’atar, pools of grassy olive oil, and scientifically-precise levels of fresh lemon and salt. There’s a riff on Norwegian-style school buns filled with raspberry jam and creamy custard, too. But what really has us worshipping Saint Bread is their breakfast sandwich on a fluffy Japanese melonpan that’s topped with a thin layer of cookie dough before baking. Glory be to this creation, stuffed with jammy-but-not-messy fried eggs and sticky American cheese that fuses to the bacon grease and rogue granulated sugar on your fingertips. Embrace the sweet-and-salty McGriddle energy.

Saint Bread review image

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