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When Ludi’s closed, Seattle collectively gasped. The thought that this well-loved Filipino diner would no longer supply us with bright purple ube pancakes was devastating. But Ludi’s has returned, and so have the pancakes. Despite the new Downtown location, it still has the same family-run diner vibes—coffee never goes cold, a sizzling blacktop is the morning soundtrack, and breakfast is served all day. Ordering the combo silog (a.k.a bites of Ludi’s greatest hits) is a necessary rite of passage. The plate is filled with peppery longanisa, Subway foot-long sized lumpia, a juicy pounded pork chop, and fragrant garlic rice you could eat fistfuls of on its own. Just get here when they open at 7am, because by 7:30, a line is already forming underneath the iconic yellow and blue sign.

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