Bagel Oasis

Bagel Oasis in Ravenna is the best bagel shop in town. There's no need to set alarms or wait forever in line like at other spots we won't name—just stroll in and grab an exemplary bagel on your own time. (What a concept.) And for the folks looking for a carbon copy of something you’d find on the East Coast, this is it. Bagel Oasis makes extremely basic but foolproof New York-style dough circles in a space that smells exactly like a Long Island deli.

Will the bagels change your life? No. But they meet expectations with flying colors, and that’s why they work. There’s a tender crackle with blistered bubbles, a light and soft middle, and a spongy squish that’s just as excellent covered in cream cheese as it is in breakfast sandwich form. Whatever you do, don’t miss the sourdough flavor.

Bagel Oasis review image

photo credit: Brooke Fiits

Bagel Oasis review image

photo credit: Brooke Fitts

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