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Blue Smoke review image

NYC Review

Blue Smoke

A long time Infatuation favorite. Blue Smoke is still serving some of the best BBQ you can find in NYC.

Marta review image

NYC Review


Pizza in a sterile Flatiron District hotel lobby just doesn’t feel like the Danny Meyer hospitality experience we’ve grown accustomed to.

JeJu-Island review image

NYC Review


Jeju-Island is a Korean restaurant in Murray Hill, Queens that specializes in sushi and sashimi.

Vatan review image

NYC Review


Vatan is a fun Indian restaurant in Kips Bay where the only option is a vegetarian, all-you-can-eat dinner.

Covina review image

NYC Review


A conveniently located restaurant in Midtown that’s more than just convenient. The food and service at Covina are great.

O Ya review image

NYC Review

O Ya

O Ya is easily some of the best sushi in NYC, but it's missing that special something.

The Little Beet Table review image

NYC Review

The Little Beet Table

A popular health food restaurant from two points of view.

Upland review image

NYC Review


Upland used to be one of our favorite spots in the city, but now it’s mostly just a useful place to have a solid meal in Flatiron.

Sticky’s Finger Joint review image

NYC Review

Sticky’s Finger Joint

Sticky’s Finger Joint is a counter-service spot in Murray Hill where you can get chicken fingers and fries late-night.

2nd Ave Deli review image

NYC Review

2nd Ave Deli

When the original 2nd Ave Deli closed, lots of New Yorkers channeled some nostalgic rage. At the new Murray Hill location, the old school charm may be gone, but the matzoh ball soup and pastrami sandwich have remained pretty much untouched.

Lamazou review image

NYC Review


Lamazou is one of the best places to grab a sandwich in Murray Hill.

Cask Bar + Kitchen review image

NYC Review

Cask Bar + Kitchen

A meal at Cask is hardly any different that what you’ll find at any of the other area bars that serve food for the sole purpose of sobering up the idiots.

Hahm Ji Bach review image

NYC Review

Hahm Ji Bach

Hahm Ji Bach is a Korean BBQ spot with great banchan in Murray Hill, Queens.

Janchi Myeonga review image

NYC Review

Janchi Myeonga

Janchi Myeonga is a great Korean banchan shop in Murray Hill, Queens.

Vezzo Thin Crust Pizza review image

NYC Review

Vezzo Thin Crust Pizza

Vezzo is an Italian spot in Murray Hill that serves very good, cracker-thin pizza.

Haandi review image

NYC Review


Haandi is an old-school Indian and Pakistani counter service spot on Lexington Avenue where you can get a late night kabob in Murray Hill.

Dhaba review image

NYC Review


Dhaba is a Punjabi restaurant in Murray Hill where you can eat excellent Indian dishes till midnight on weekdays and 1am on weekends.

Bhatti Indian Grill review image

NYC Review

Bhatti Indian Grill

Bhatti is a very good BYOB Indian restaurant in Murray Hill that specializes in kebabs.

Riverpark review image

NYC Review


There are better spots to spend this much money on food, but Riverpark is one of the only places around Murray Hill to have drinks by the water.

Ruby’s review image

NYC Review


Ruby’s is an Australian cafe in Kips Bay where you can have a casual sit-down meal anytime from 8am to 10pm.