Cask Bar + Kitchen

Insert joke at the expense of Murray It's so easy to tee up on a restaurant in this neighborhood that we almost feel bad doing it. That is until we see people all over the internet calling Cask Bar + Kitchen an "oasis" in the Murray Hill food desert. Allow us to set the record straight. There are all of three places you should be eating in this vicinity: Penelope, 2nd Avenue Deli, and Lamazou. A meal at Cask is hardly any different that what you'll find at Vertigo, Tonic East, or any of the other area bars that serve food for the sole purpose of sobering up the idiots. Philly cheese steak spring rolls should pretty much tell the story.

If however, you are just in the 'hood looking for a drink, Cask will do just fine. They have a good selection of beers, and are probably the only bar within three blocks that doesn't have a weekly Jagermeister promotion. The downstairs Cellar Bar is also a great option for a birthday or a private party...we would just recommend setting up a dinner somewhere else first.

Kobe Sliders Perfectly fine sliders with a red onion marmalade. Three come to an order, and they'll do the job of soaking up some booze, especially since they're a little dry.Bruschetta Flatbread The flatbreads are a safe choice on the Cask menu, but don't expect to be blown away. The bruschetta flat bread can be ordered hot or cold, and hot is definitely the way to go...we think. Either way, it's a pizza.

Food Rundown

Philly Cheese Steak Spring Rolls

Sort of like the Northeast's version of a Southwestern egg roll. We'll recommend you pass on these.

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